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from Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone -

The regime in the USA is distracting from our horrors by executing Hussein. It is not the USA role to be involved in Mid East Affairs. Break the oil addiction. Break the regime. They have terrorized us, now we seek vengeance on IT at the drop of Husseins hat.

Mobile Audit Club Offers Services
Mobile Audit Club Offers Services

Daily Foreword Note December 30:2006:   The regime is allegedly going
to execute Sadam Hussein on December 30, 2006 at 3:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time.  To
quote the liars who are bible thumpers in the USA, "May he who is without sin
cast the first stone". You will note the Three 6's in their death date. Everything means something and sometimes the IT factor does not watch the clock like us.

If Hussein is executed, we should move to execute the Senators of the USA states
that allow forced injections, we should move to execute the President that
allows forced injections and experiments, and we should move to be-head the
Governor of every state that forbids even a single citizen from voting.  The United States should have never entered Iraq. The USA should not have supported Israel's war atrocities for the past 70 years. They have become Europeans just as American Honey Bees have become African Killer Bees.

If IT wants war and death, let us give IT war and death.  My heart goes out
to the Iraqis and Palestinians who see the invading Horde in the mid East as war
criminals.  I share their sentiment.  Never again serve.  Proof
of Holocaust Horrors against Americans approved by the executing regime in the USA are on this
site.  Beware of entering the USA in a private vehicle with your belongings,
because the regime is leaving them unsafe and tampering with personal
possessions, just like the alleged Nazis of historical  lore.

This is a technological war and their mass media propaganda is a war atrocity. By killing
Hussein they or IT is furthering hostilities and creating more havoc in a world that is bleeding.
IF they or IT injects another of us or tampers with us, I want a new military affront with new weapons
against them or IT.

Mobile Audit Club, founder Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone. Our salute is spreading. The government leprosy hand, only two fingers and a thumb, held to either eye, the missing eye of government, us.

Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/democracyordeath/index.html

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666 THE DEVIL (GEORGE WARMONGER BUSH) : "Sorry to Oil the Arming of Saddam with WMD's, the Poison Gas On Sale in Washington, the Gassing of the Kurds, the Iraq-Iran War, the Millions of Dead Iranians and Iraqis, the Genocide of the Shiites, Gulf Wars Episode I, the Halliburton Oil For Food Scam, the DEMONAIC WMD CHOIR ON CNN NBC ABC CBS FOX, the Forged Niger Uranium Document, the Downing Street Memo, the Phoney Saddam Al CIAda Links Propugated by BUSH NEWS NAZIS CNN NBC ABC CBS FOX, the Phoney WMD Trailer shown by CNN NBC ABC CBS FOX, Gulf Wars Episode II, the Carpet Bombings of Iraqi Civilians, the Use Chemical Weapons on Iraqi Civilians, the Abu Gharib Torture Scandal, 'The Salvador Option' in Iraq, the False Flag CIA/Mossad Terrorist in Iraq, The Flag Draped Coffins, the Lost Limbs, the Delayed Stress Syndrome, the Oil For Bombs Program in Iraq, Lebanon, Afganistan, and Iran, and the Hypocritical Execution of the Former CIA/US Puppet Thug Saddam but Oil comes First. FILL HER UP ?????????"