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The Israeli offensive against Lebanon is an act of aggression against the whole Lebanese people. The IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) claims to be attacking an “infrastructure of terror”, but the attacks on bridges, roads, airports and ships are cutting the country into pieces, threatening to create a disastrous situation by impeding the transportation of food and medicines, and terrorizing everyone. Besides the hundreds killed and injured, thousands of people are fleeing the country, and thousands of people are fleeing from the areas where the bombing is heaviest into central Beirut. Even here in the “safe” parts of the city we can hear the bombs throughout the day and night, and electrical and water supplies are tenuous.


Francais | Castellano| Italiano | نداء عاجل للتضامن مع المجتمع الأهلي اللبناني |

ECO ALERT: 10,000 tons of fuel oil spilled into Mideterranean as a result of Israeli bombing. 15,000 tons more are awaited.
International Civil Mission to Lebanon | Castellano | Francais |
Italian Civil Mission to Lebanon

Israeli children leaving messages on missiles aimed for Lebanon
Israeli children leaving messages on missiles aimed for Lebanon

Israeli children leaving messages on missiles meant for Lebanon in KeryatShmouna
Israeli children leaving messages on missiles meant for Lebanon in KeryatShmouna

Political and civil society organizations here are organizing to help people deal with the effects of the invasion, but there is only so much we can do on our own. We are calling on our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world to do two things to help us.

First we call on you to protest at Israeli embassies and consulates, as we hear some groups are already doing. The Israeli government must be held accountable for its criminal and terroristic actions here and in Palestine. We also ask you to send us information about any such protests you carry out.

Secondly we are asking you to help us with our work with displaced people here in Beirut. The group we are part of, the Relief Center - Spears, is working in 23 schools in the central areas of Beirut, which were housing more than 5,000 people as of the night of July 15th (we don’t know how many thousands more are in other areas). People there are sleeping 10 or 15 to a room without enough mattresses, and they are only receiving food and water irregularly from the government. Many are children or elderly, and except for trauma centers the only medical care is being provided by volunteers organized by the Relief Center. These volunteers are lacking the medicines and other supplies they need to care for people. Media activists here will shortly be distributing videos documenting the situation in these schools, which will only get worse if nothing is done.

Besides the humanitarian aspect of the situation, helping displaced people is crucial to the reconstruction of Lebanon after this crisis ends. One aspect of the Israeli offensive is an attempt to foment tensions between different cultural groups in Lebanon. This is the only way they can hope to achieve their goals without an all-out war, but in the end it would do more damage to Lebanese society than any amount of physical destruction. A broad relief effort is an essential part of avoiding such a disaster.

We urgently need money to buy the supplies we need to help the internally displaced population here. We ask everyone who can to send donations, however small, the Relief Committee – Spears in the care of the following two people by bank transfer. Please contact your bank to find out how to do this. And please send an email to sanayeh.center@gmail.com detailing the amount of your donations!





Greenline Association address:

3rd floor, Yamout building, Spears 174,

Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon

Telefax: (+961 1) 746 215 or (+961 1) 752 142

E-mail greenline@greenline.org.lb

These are difficult days for everyone in Lebanon, but we are confident that with your support we can overcome this situation as we have others before.


Solidarity Actions from Here and There

For an extensive list check the Global Action for Peace page from People's Global Action (PGA) with over a 100 reports


For foto archive of the actions CLICK HERE


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For more information, please visit

Sanayeh Relief Center | Electronic Lebanon | Lebanon Updates Blog | Save Lebanon

Info sources worldwide

Indymedia Global | Cyprus Indymedia | Tadamon (Montreal) |

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Go fuck yourself! Zion gonna win!
Go fuck yourself! Zion gonna win!

Go fuck yourself! Zion gonna win!

eMail: Go fuck yourself! Zion gonna win!

Common Sense

Please people of the middle east, use common sense. Do you believe for a second these people of Hizbullah care for you or your welfare? This is a great opportunity for you people to have a nation that is safe and a nation you can be proud of.

You have a Democratically elected government - this means they work for you. Tell your government to send their troops to destroy the Hizbullah terrorists. My country WILL send aid and help you in the coming years. We all need to work together. The US, Britain, Canada, the EU will be there for you once the Hizbullah terroist organization is gone. Be smart -take this opportunity.... Work together -Death to Hizbullah

Let me ask you this...... Did Hizbullah think of the economic repercussions these kidnappings would have on the economy of your nation. A nation beginning to build itself up to a player on the world stage?? Nope, I don't think so.

eMail: wallyworld310@yahoo.com

In response to the tone of some patronizing posters outside of Lebanon, (from an informed observer in solidarity in Texas ).

When the tone of your comments appear patronizing and condescending, as if Lebanese people cannot think for themselves, ad if they need the Great White Western Democracy ( look what it has accomplished for Iraq, or say Guatamala in the 50's or the marine occupation of Haiti or the CIA coup against SAlvador Allende in Chile to " bring democracy" ) to come and save them from themselves, ..quite an imperialist notion.

From my vantage point, the Lebanese have collectively shown a sophisticated balancing of complex social factors within their society that is surely to be admired and came about at a high price. And it is sickening that this is under attack and ignorantly distorted in the official party-line of mainstream ( and sometimes liberal ala the nation or so-called " air america radio") US media. No surprise , but one should still condemn it vociferously and I do. . Moreover, maybe Americans can LEARN SOMETHING FROM THE LEBANESE ON HOW TO HAVE SPACES FOR VOICES OTHER THAN JUST A MEASLY 2 ( democrats and republicans).

Besides, this "democracy" business that one respondent has brought up is begging a point that is not central to what is occurring: just as utilizing what is occurring as a pretext for a neo-con invasion of Iran and Syria is missing the points here.Not justifying the authoritarian p#$%cks in power such as the aformentioned places, just sayin.

A central axis to the issue is in regards to political prisoners -Lebanese political prisoners-in Israeli jails which is why the solider from the occupying power of Israel was captured to begin with. Captured- which falls within civilized spheres of warfare, quite unlike the Israeli-states illegal targetting of civilian infrastructures.ANd quite unlike the kidnapping of Palestinian civilians ( a doctor and another fella) on June 24 by the Israeli state. And quite unlike the death on the beach of GAza of the family of that girl Huda in Palestine.

The other root is Israeli State impunity to flout international law, collective punishment- massacring,illegal lnd grabs, etc., and generally to give all the authoritarian leaders in the area a reason to quell dissent within their own nation-states, because of the Israeli threats. The illegal occupation of a people and the mutation of jewish peeople into a militarized , homogenous voice: the silencing of dissent.

And always for Israel to be characterized as "responding" in bs media here.


To the people in Gaza and Lebanon: I apologize for our collective lack of power to get rid of this idiot haywaan aboosh manyac Bush that got his regime to vote down the resolutions to get Israel to stop muerdering you. I wish you victory and life.

To the dissidents in the occupying entities: Israel and US:

Let's not let them shut down our voices of protest and our vision and practices to make another world possible

Elisabeth Gschaider

Hello, how can I contact the people who have set the article about donations and help on your website? Mr. Chit adn Mr. Azzi?
Elisabeth Gschaider

Lebanese targets hit in the first week?
monte letourneau

this is my list of Lebanese targets hit in the first week of
"restricted pinpoint attacks" to 'defend' Israel from Hezbollah
i would appreciate any additions or corrections
send to  geanark@gmail.com please

all three runways at airport,
airport fuel tanks
road to the airport,
hwy linking Beruit and Damascus,
bridges, 46+
port facilities,
electrical pylons,
power plant fuel tanks,
water mains,
pumping stations
fuel depots,
gas stations,
milk factory,
an ambulance caravan from Syria,
procter and gamble warehouse,
countless apartment buildings,
empty seafront restaurant,
mobile television relay stations,
comm networks,
U.N. peacekeepers' main headquarters in the south,
Christian suburb on the eastern side of Beirut,
truck-mounted water well drill,
the office of PLO foriegn minister,
barracks of Lebanese logistics unit
(some members of which had just shown Robert Fisk
what they thought was a fallen piece of wing and
burning fuel from an f-16; they are now dead),
another Lebanese barracks,

Grain Silos?

is thier aim amazingly bad, or thier lies?

Israeli Air Force General Ido Nehushtan says, "The targets chosen are connected either directly or indirectly with terrorism,"
Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres, "no civilian life will be hit, that no civilian infrastructure will be destroyed." "Israel didn't start the war. Israel didn't attack anybody."

"There has also been widespread destruction of public infrastructure."
International Committee of the Red Cross

this is pic of men in Beirut watching Hizbullah leader
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, while the Isrealis claim to think
the explosions behind are hitting him
(they did nab some apartments and houses though).

btw, the CIA has closed the book on Osama Bin Laudin.

h u b r i s

eMail: geanark@gmail.com URL: http://myspace.com/geanark


i apologize for the terrible aggression against lebanese civilians. i can't believe the crude and arrogant post by someone who won't even identify himself, saying that zion will win and using curse words. why this anger? what prompted this terrible anger? it is completely out of proportion to what prompted it. please be certain that the writer of the note and the people attacking lebanon do not speak for all people who have faith in zion! they do, however, make all of us look bad to the world.

i am ashamed and deeply sad and i hope the unwarranted atrocities against lebanon will stop. there is nothing to be gained from destroying lebanon and it has certainly not weakened hizbollah. if anything, the attacks strengthened it.

i'm so saddened and angered
David B.

... at how "my" (their values are certainly not mine) government is complicit in the acts of barbarism israel is committing in lebanon.

the lebanese are all too painfully aware of some of these statistics, but for the benefit of those from outside:

percentage of lebanese casualties that are hezbollah: under 1%
percentage of israeli casualties that are military: 54%
number of dead american civilians if the usa was attacked as savagely as lebanon has been: over 26,000
number of refugees: over 40 million

and someone mentioned a christian neighborhood being shelled. it's interesting to note that the event that precipitated this is when michel aoun (popular christian mp) said something that israel took offense to. say something we don't like, we bomb you. that's the "civilized" "restraint" israel is showing.


fuk isreal
u illumanazionist r doing tha same thing to muslims hitler did to u 3 of yo bitch azz soldiers r kindnapped so u have murdered over 300 hundred innocent people? dropping bombs on palestianian refugee camps and blowing up lebeanon when Hamas simply came to tha aid of there defenseless palestineian brothers? do u really think all those faggots u have installed into the amerikkan government mean u control everyone? the planet is your enemy and u will not defeat everyone

isreal will be destroyed i pray to YHWH daily that all of your arab enemies that surround you will raise up and destroy u u have shown that u don't deserve your own country u should be cast back into the wilderness ta wander and eat rotten manna until the end of time
isreal will be destroyed and amerikkka next
the bible states that u are no longer Jehovah's chosen people as your devil possesed actions confirm
the only way u can defeat all your enemies is with a nuclear bomb and that will bring armageddon and tha MUSAWIMM will destroy u


eMail: HMM

Intifada n amerikkka

I meant Hizboallh not so much Hamas

eMail: hmm

Stay strong
Don Oorst from Australia

We are praying for lebanon and her people. Its so sad to see a beautiful country with beautiful people, recently free from syria to be independant, having her hopes crushed like this.

Be careful, and don't try and be brave and foolish around twitchy young IDF soldiers. Better off alive than dead.

We are praying and protesting that Israel backs the hell off and finally choses peace as the way to guard her children, just like the lebanese use peace to guard there own.

Good luck.

Indymedia Beirut

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Vive La Resistance Libanaise et Palestinienne

La Resistance Libanaise et palestinienne, Surtout Hizbollah, N est ni un groupuscule terroriste, ni qlqs fanatiques religieux. ils ne sont que des combattant pour la liberte et la justice. les vrais terroristes sont les capitalistes americains. Le Peuple D israel a fait preuve qu il ne veux ni la paix ni la justice. La seule solution dans cette region c est de detruire le racisme et colonialisme de l etat d israel.dans cette guerre il n y a plus de place pour un certain "Non - allignement" pretendu. Chaque "sioniste" ou pro-sioniste, arabe ou juif (!), est accuse de participer aux crimes de l etat d israel. la resistance serai un jour la pour punir tout ces salauds.

from Italy
from Italy

sono sopraffatta dall'orrore delle notizie e delle immagini dal Libano, Palestina e dall'area mediorientale. E sono incazzata nera perché l'attuale maggioranza politica italiana non sembra preoccupata dalla situazione: non ci sono manifestazioni o cortei o scioperi in programma.. sono tutti al mare!Chiunque legga questo messaggio, per favore, appenda una bandiera della pace fuori dalla finestra: accenda una candela davanti a quella finestra, dimostri ciò che ha nel cuore ogni volta che ritiene di farlo. Fermiamo la guerra subito, cessate il fuoco immediato, pace per tutti e subito.

I'm astonished from the news and images from Lebanon, Palestine and MO area. And I'm upset 'cause our political majority (centre left) seems not to be worried enought: no assembly nor strike or street manifestations are scheduled... they're all at the seaside! Please, anybody can, demonstrate even for me: peace, cease fire now, stop the war right now. I put my peace flag out of my best-showing windows: light a candle sometimes, if anybody italian is reading, do the same every time u feel right.


eMail: from Italy URL: http://v@hotmail.com

George Galloway MP live from Beruit
Neil Williams

This may interest your readers:

George Galloway MP live from Beruit this Saturday and Sunday.

George Galloway will be doing his weekly radio talk-in shows live from Beirut this weekend. George has gone to Lebanon to show his solidarity with the many families who have had family members killed and injured and who have lost their homes, their work and their businesses, and also to show his support for the Lebanese resistance that the Israeli military was singularly unable to defeat.
We hope you will tune into his programme on Saturday and Sunday between 8pm and 10pm (UK,London time)on talkSport(UK)1089/1053 AM (also available on Sky TV - radio section).

You can listen live on the Internet via this link (click the LISTEN LIVE button in the side bar):

Neil Williams
Respect Supporters Blog

eMail: neilwilliams1952@gmail.com URL: http://respectuk.blogspot.com/