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Journalist and MP Jubran Tueni Killed in Explosion

from Indymedia Beirut - 12.12.2005 22:24

Statement from Indymedia Beirut....

On Monday December 12th, an explosion took place in Mkalles Area north of Beirut, killing MP Jubran Tueni and three of his companions. As the General Manager of An-Nahar newspaper, Tueni often wrote in opposition to the Syrian's governments interference in Lebanese political affairs.

الصحافي والنائب جبران تويني
الصحافي والنائب جبران تويني

Tueni is the third journalist to be targeted for assassination in 2005, after the late Samir Kassir also of Al-Nahar newspaper, and May Chidiak of LBC TV. The Independent Media Center of Beirut strongly condemns this assassination and the ongoing targeting of journalists in Lebanon as an attack on the freedom of the press. We extend our condolences to MP Tueni's family and loved ones.

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Journalistic Freedom Does Not Exist
Kurt Brown-- Saint Ram Bone

No peace exists. Journalism is controlled by warlords, from the USA to Lebanon.

Welcome the coming global war. It will clear the earth of its suffering poor and its pig like aristocrats.

URL: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/democracyordeath/

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The perpetual Fascination

Firstly I would like to send my sincerest condolences to an honorable man I have never met. I have read his articles and from them I can geneuinly get a sense of his vision of a locally cultured Lebanon.

Lebanese have spread far and gone throughtout the world. Many come and go, this Gentleman though came back for the last time as well as Samir Assir, R. Harriri and many others that have voiced their common vision shared by the silent mass of the nation. Lets hope those that are left alive to continue the this vision.

History will have the last word.

Joseph - Yozef.com

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