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Reclaim the media!
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Be your own media! Write articles, take pictures, make films and publish them on indymedia.

Translate! We always need translaters. Always. If you find an interesting article in English or French, translate it to Arabic. Or help us translate some of the global indymedia documents into Arabic. In many Arab countries indymedia groups are popping up. We think it would be good, if they could read about indymedia in Arabic. We would also like to have indymedia Beirut not only in Arabic, English, and French, but also in Kurdish and Armenian.

If you want to help us set up an Armenian or Kurdish page, please write to imc-beirutätlists.indymedia.org!

For translating articles or documents indymedia has developed a special system:

To avoid having two people translate the same article twice, indymedia has translation mailinglists to coordinate this work, for indymedia Beirut that is
www-beirutätlists.indymedia.org. The list can also be read in the web archive, so you don't necessarily need to subscribe to it.

Write to this list if you

  • want to ask for a translation
  • want to translate something ... please, please
  • need someone to do a final edit of a provisional translation
  • have finished a translation - yay

and, of course, check the list if not someone else is working on the same translation.

When writing to the list your subject line should be clear, so people don't have to open every email when checking what translations are being done. If you want a translation from English to Arabic write in the subject line: Please translate EN --> AR (title of the article). The person, who takes up the translation writes an email with the subject line: I'll do EN --> AR (title of the article). When you are done with the translation, you send an email with the subject line Done: EN --> AR (title of the article.

Become part of the indymedia Beirut collective! Subscribe to our mailinglist at the imc Beirut Infopage. On our list you'll be informed when and where we have our next meeting. You can join our editorial group - help us keep indymedia spam-free. Organize workshops to introduce more people to indymedia. Learn and help teach basic html and how to write indymedia features. Or get involved in global discussions with other indymedia groups around the world.

Donate! You have old computer or video equipment getting rusty at home? We can use it! Money, of course, is always welcome as well. Indymedia is an all volonteer network, none of us would accept money for our work. But we need to pay for the server which this page runs on.