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Much of the organizing within indymedia works via mailingslists. This way activists in different cities, countries and continents can discuss and coordinate on common projects.

These lists run on a server that you can reach at
There you can find all indymedia mailinglists.

If you follow the links of the individual lists, you'll find an infopage for each list, on which you can subscribe (and unsubscribe) easily through a web-interface.

But before you subscribe, you may want to first check out the archives of the list. You can also find links to the archives on the infopage. Have a look at what people are discussing on the lists to see if you are interested in the list's topics.

If you are interested in discussions concerning indymedia Beirut, go to:


Be aware of the mailingslists' very open character.
All the emails you send to the mailinglists will be archived. Search engines can find its content.
This is good and necessary because it makes communication easier and guarantees transparency. On the other hand, it demands a responsible way of dealing with sensible information. Think about whether you really want your personal data like names, addresses and phone numbers published on the lists and please respect when other people want to protect their privacy.