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About Us

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Indymedia (Independent Media Center) Beirut is an alternative media collective. We seek to create a space where a truly independent forum for information and organizing can exist - as opposed to the biased Lebanese media which align themselves to the politics of parties and/or individuals of choice.

Indymedia Beirut was conceived as an idea during the April Sit-In where hundreds of activists occupied the streets of Martyr's Square for a whole month in protest of the Israeli aggressions perpetrated against the people of Palestine and the onslaught known as the Jenin Massacre.

We are just one branch of the new anti-capitalist, anti-war, anti- corporate globalization movement that began during the protests against the WTO in Seattle Washington on November 1999. Activists at the time demanded a space where accurate information could be distributed in the face of blatantly tainted corporate media. Indymedia Seattle was set up as the first space where independent grassroots information could be accessed and contributed to. Since this time, local Indymedias have been sprouting internationally, now existing in approximately 60 countries, totaling 106 sites, and continues to grow as the movement which rejects the exploitation and injustices perpetrated by governments and corporations grows louder and stronger.

Aware that media black-out and misreporting is one of the most effective tools used by forces of repression to silence dissent, we have created an open space which we hope to build into a community - where you can both access information and post your own news. We urge all visitors of this site to contribute to it by posting news events not covered by the corporate media - especially those about activism and the struggles for human rights and social justice. The future of Indymedia Beirut, just like the future of Lebanon, is in the hands of all those who share common ideals of justice and struggle, social organizations fighting for inalienable rights, communities, and activists from all spectrums of the fight to create and maintain the freedom to live - to live free - in dignity and in peace.

Mission Statement

Indymedia Beirut is an independent alternative media collective. It seeks to cover all events without censorship - especially those events marginalized by existing local media outlets, the vast majority of which are affiliated with dominating capitalist and political parties and/or individuals. It is concerned with the coverage of activism and the struggles for democracy, social justice, and environmental and human rights. It is also committed to the exposure of all regional political infractions of Lebanese sovereignty - from those within Lebanese-Syrian relations, to the continued Israeli military aggressions.

Indymedia Beirut is moreover dedicated to the disclosure of the Lebanese government's domestic policies, which propagate the goals of corporate globalization.

We seek also to publicize the "unpublishable," from the violations - "legal" and illegal - of Palestinian refugees' rights, to the violations of political, sexual and ethnic minorities' rights, to the plights of all those marginalized due to migration/immigration trying to escape war and/or neo-liberal policies.

Editorial Policy

Indymedia Beirut will not accept any articles which make racist or sexist allegations. Should an article be racist and/or sexist or overtly offensive, IMC Beirut's editorial group retains the right to hide it.

Upon the discovery of an article posted on IMC Beirut which could be racist or sexist, a member from the editorial group will tag the article. This alerts all readers that the article may contain a violation of our editorial policy, and begins an open debate on the article, which lasts for three days. At the end of the three days, a decision will be made by the editorial group (based on consensus) to either hide or leave the article in question.

Any comment to an article deemed racist, sexist or overtly offensive may be removed immediately. The discussion about which articles or comments fall under this definition is an ongoing process within the editorial collective.

Indymedia is dedicated to news and background information about local, regional and global protests and events. However, articles placed on the newswire not immediately pertaining to Lebanon may be placed on the second page.

Articles taken from mainstream media remain in the newswire only as long as there is no independent article about the same event or topic. Once an independent article has been posted about the event, the article from mainstream media is put on the second page and linked to the independent article.

Decision making policy

IMC Beirut functions, like all IMCs, on consensus. All decisions are based on consensus, and where disagreement arises, discussion continues until consensus is found.

All fundamental issues must be decided upon in a meeting, and then left on the mailing list for discussion for a week following the meeting, at which point the decision taken is final. Regarding minor decisions which may be decided via the mailing list - and not in a meeting - the issue will have a three-day discussion time, at which point - if consensus is reached - the decision reached is final.

If no consensus is reached, the decision will be delayed for further.

Everybody on the editorial team can take decisions (hide comments, put articles into the middle column, edit upcoming events etc.) in accordance with the editorial policy without former discussion. The decision must be taken back if someone else on the editorial team objects within three days and no consensus can be reached. If articles are put into the middle column an email should be send informing the editorial list.


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