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Saudi Arabia: Breaking the silence
The Guardian,

Rania al-Baz's popularity as a TV news presenter was always an implicit threat to Saudi Arabia's repressive, male-dominated culture. But it wasn't until her husband beat her so badly he thought he had killed her - and she decided to publish the photos of her injuries - that she really shook Saudi society. She talks to Ed Vulliamy about what happened when she dared to challenge the culture of violence against women.
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Basra Oil Union-Public Statement on Occupation
Hassan Juma’a Awwad Al-Assadi,

The Stance of the GUOE in the Southern Region Towards the Occupation

By GUOE President Hassan Jumaa Awad Al Assadi

Greetings to you my dear friends,

I would like to convey the greetings of all the union executive committee members’ greetings and to clarify the union’s opinion. I hope that you do not listen to the third party who wants to undermine your trust in the union, for we have set a path for ourselves that all of us in the union shall not deviate from.
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عن شبّان تفريغ وتحميل الطائرات
عصام سحمراني,

حلموا بوظيفة المطار فتحقّق لهم فتاتها:
عن شبّان تفريغ وتحميل الطائرات

: "فيق يا خالي فيق دبّرتلك وظيفة بالمطار!" تفاجأ حسين بصوت خاله الآتي من بعيد عبر الهاتف وتفاجأ أكثر بالوقت الذي أيقظه فيه هذا الصباح. فهو منذ زمن طويل طلّق ساعات الصباح جميعها حتّى الواحدة ظهراً. "بحياة ربّك" كان الشاب واقعاً تحت وطأة المفاجأة لكنّه تدارك الأمر سريعاً حين علم من خاله أنّ عليه أن يكون في المطار بعد ساعة واحدة. هندم الشاب نفسه وصبّ نصف زجاجة العطر على ثيابه كما يفعل حين يذهب إلى الكثير من الأعراس في الصالات القريبة إلى بيته ومضى إلى المطار حيث الإسم الفلاني ينتظره ليسلّمه العمل.
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محاكمة الرفيق محمد أسعد كناعنة
حركة أبناء البلد,

ندعو الجميع لحضور جلسة الاستئناف على قرار حكم الرفيق محمد أسعد كناعنة (أبو أسعد)، أمين عام حركة أبناء البلد. والتي ستُعقد يوم الأحد، 9/10/05، في تمام الساعة 9:00 صباحًا في مقر المحكمة العليا في القدس، أمام القضاة بَراك،بينيش وأربِل.
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The Conflict Of Democracy and Islam.
Elijah Gatewood,

The trouble of the West with the East.
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Thousands of Farmers to converge in Mumbai

The Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers
Movements, a coalition of farmer unions from
across the country will hold a press conference
on 1st October 2005 at the Mumbai Press Club (3-4
pm), a day ahead of the massive protests at Azad
Maidan on 2nd October, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
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The Stink Of The United States
Elijah Gatewood,

How freedom is the cause of problems in America, and throughout the world.
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Freedom For Leonard Peltier
Geri Timmons,

Fasting For Justice In Solidarity
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Message To Iraqi Freedom Fighters, Regarding Douglas Wood and USA, Video
Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone,

My Sister In Blood, Iraqi Victim of International Warlord Sent By USA Master I will be compiling a similar message in Arabic. I wrote a video asking for the release of Douglas Wood, who was later released or rescued. The video is below. I congratulate the captors for not killing Wood. He was made partially blind due to captivity . I was poisioned in America and made partially blind due to exile from my home. The United States Government is a technological terrorist.
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Christians----Misleading The Middle East.
Elijah Gatewood,

How people of an age old faith are stealing from the world.
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U.S. Cannot Change It's Image
Elijah Gatewood,

Uncovering an American plot to lie to the Muslim world.
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Lebanese homosexuals seek Dutch asylum to escape prison
From Mainstream - AFP,

Lebanese homosexuals seek political asylum in the Netherlands to escape their country's tough laws which brand homosexuality an "unnatural" act.
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Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away
Agence France Presse,

Women's rights activists in Iraq say rising extremism is
restricting their freedom, even as the country prepares to
vote on a constitution that is touted as one of the Arab
world's most progressive regarding women.
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About Tali Fahima and Other "Traitors"
Talila Stan,

Tali Fahima is an Israeli young peace activist jailed for already over a year before being sentenced.

This article was published originally in Hebrew in Israel-Indymedia. I wish to thank Hava Keller(*) for her much appreciated help in translating this article.

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Palestinian Street Bomb Detonated By Technological Trigger, War Against us ALSO
Kurt Brown, American Holocaust Victim X 911,

One of Our Closed Door Adversaries, Hamas and the Jihad Should Meet Local Satan A warning to Palestinians protecting Homeland. International War regime using technology against us on many levels. The bomb detonated while being transported, if rumors are true on American mass media. I would wager technological advances allow detonation of substances and triggers at a distance.
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Washington March: Falsifying the Numbers
Henk Ruyssenaars,

On our mainstream TV's all over the world a different and false picture was mostly shown, but it is safe to say that there were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE marching against the war in Iraq yesterday in Washington.
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Foreigners in their country...
Fadi Serhal,

"We are under mis-understanding" , in these words i started my Discussion with Mohammed , AKA "Freak" , where we talked about the problems that faces a group of Lebanese youngsters who loves Metal , Freedom and most of all , they sure love to live .
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Lebanon Litmus Test to Canada Safety Measurement
Ashur Simon Malek,

How we can bring Lebanon to become a true nation. I think, that there is fifty percent chance that Lebanese from Islamic and Arab groups can live in peace.
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Spectacular Terrorism and the Terror of the Spectacle

“Such a perfect democracy constructs its own inconceivable foe, terrorism. Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results. The story of terrorism is written by the state and it is therefore highly instructive. The spectators must certainly never know everything about terrorism, but they must always know enough to convince them that, compared with terrorism, everything else must be acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic” (Guy Debord, Comments on the Society of the Spectacle).
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