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Immediate Release of Dr. Muhamed Moghrabi

In a letter addressed to Lebanese President Lahoud, the ICJ's Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers urged the Government to immediately release Mr. Muhamed Mugraby, a prominent human rights lawyer who was arrested and detained on August 8 on the charge of "impersonating a lawyer".
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U.S. and Terrorist Groups Both Kill Civilians,Call it Necessary
Jay Shaft,

Both the US and terrorist organizations have a bad habit of killing innocentcivilians. The US forgives any civilian deaths by calling them collateral damage or incidental casualties. Often the US denies civilians have died at their hands. The terrorists at least make no excuses for the killing or deny it.
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إضراب عن الطعام بدأه أصدقاء الدكتور مغربي

"حتى يسود العدل ويستعيد حريته" "نحن المتهمين بالحرية والسيادة اوكلنا الى محمد مغربي الدفاع عنا". شعار اطلقه امس "اصدقاء محمد مغربي" الذين بدأوا اعتصاما رمزيا واضرابا عن الطعام "حتى يفرج عنه ويسود العدل". شارك في الاعتصام ناشطون من "التيار الوطني الحر" ومحامون، على ان تنضم اليهم اليوم منظمات حقوق الانسان، علما ان "التيار" لم يحدد بعد موقفه من القضية، والاعتصام هو انطلاقا من دفاع الناشطين عن قضية تمس الحريات العامة وحقوق الانسان بحسب ما اكد احدهم لـ"النهار".

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Pires Portugal,

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Libertarians who loathe Israel
Ilana Mercer,

Irrational hatred for "an isolated Sparta, bristling with weaponry and little else" prompts libertarians to forget their welfare economics. For example, Raimondo menacingly warns that without US aid, Israel would cease to exist... Come again?
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Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connections To The Nazis

The Bush family has willingly and knowingly associated themselves with Nazis for over 80 years spanning three generations of Bushes. Prescott Bush was Hitler’s banker in America and was referred to by the New York Tribune as Hitler’s angel.
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The Arrest of Dr. Muhammad Mugraby (Human Rights Activist)

Dr. Mugraby Dr. Muhammad Mugraby was arrested on August 8 2003 at the Ministry for Justice's Office of Central Criminal Investigation. The lawyer at the Court of Appeal, Judge Joseph Maamari at the Office of Central Criminal Investigation, ordered the arrest of Dr. Muhammad Mugraby contrary to the provisions of article 79 of the code of lawyers and without having obtained the permission to pursue it.

توقيف محام لبناني ومدافع عن حقوق الإنسان

على الحكومة اللبنانية إن تبادر بالإفراج الفوري عن المحامي والمدافع عن حقوق الإنسان الدكتور محمد مغربي، هذا ما أعلنه "مراقبة حقوق الإنسان" مؤكداً أن الدكتور مغربي قد أوقف في الثامن من آب 2003 في ما يبدو بأنها تهمة سياسية ألبست ثوب انتحال الدكتور مغربي صفة محام

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Impeachment Is Not Enough

By now its clear to everyone, that Bush lied to congress about weapons of mass destruction. He lied to the American people. He had aides lie to the Untied
Nations. He lied about the connection between Iraq and bin Laden. He lied about Nigeria. He lied about chemical and biological weapons. He lied about the
underlying reasons to wage war. He lied blaming others for his lies. He lied about his staff; they are all a bunch of convicted felons and retreads from his daddy’s
administration. He lied and good men died because he lied.
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Oil, Bush, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, North Korea, Indonesia,
Gabrielle Reilly,

9/11 Oil, Bush, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, North Korea, Indonesia, the UN, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and corruption... A review of how they all interconnect.


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Iraq: The New Criminal War of the Transnational Elite/Fotopoulos

Abstract: The aims of this paper is fourfold. First, to show that the present invasion and occupation of Iraq is in fact the culmination of a campaign that began with the 'war' in the Gulf in 1991 and continued with over a decade of constant bombardment and embargo, ...
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PHR-Israel: New Report on Health in Unrecognized Arab Villages
Physicians for Human Rights - Israel,

The report addresses the state of health and the realization of the right to health in 46 "unrecognized" Arab-Bedouin villages in the Negev (South Israel).

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Israel's Removal of the International Witnesses
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Some Of Army's Civilian Contractors Are No-Shows In Iraq
By David Wood, Newhouse News Service,

A story about the weak link in the US Imperial army in Iraq--civilian contractors.
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One Palestinian was charged with assault and a IWPS member is being held as well.

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World Television Network, who are they?

In Sweden yesterday Sunday and today Monday the big news is World Television Network finding smoking gun in Iraq with help of 2 Swedish WMD specialists.
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American Arabs and Jews Agree on Path to Peace
Dr. James J. Zogby,

If politicians could but put away their misconceptions about Arab Americans and American Jews and their unfounded fears of a mythical bloc vote, they would realize that a strong base of support for peaces exists into which they could tap.
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Country’s and Individual’s Involved with Saudi Arabia and Terrori
Gabrielle Reilly,

Gabrielle Reilly To all countries and individuals that are in a current religious trade journey with Saudi Arabia in an effort to expand extreme fundamentalism through the training and support of jihad terrorists, and to any officials taking “enticement” money, here is some pertinent information you need to consider:

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Art of War

Art of War 2003 Art of War 2003
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Nepal: Bush Supports Human Rights Violations
Steve Argue,

People’s Revolutionary War To Resume Shortly In Nepal
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Breaking News. New Global Understanding on the War on Terror.
Gabrielle Reilly,

Saudi Arabia’s backing of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda is only now beginning to be fully understood. A collection of articles and testimonies from around the world shed further light on Saudi Arabia and the terrorist network’s extensive global infiltration. The umbrella “charity” organizations behind this State sponsored and financially supported terror still operate today from the Saudi Royal Family. To begin with here is a testimony from the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism:

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