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Monsanto's Bt corn Disaster: Burden not Boon to Agriculture
Greenpeace Philippines,

The Greenpeace report challenges Monsanto's claim that Bt corn is the answer to poverty.
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Without a UN mandate, the EU illegally fights and pays...
Henk Ruyssenaars,

Bush welcomes European Union Traitors to the White Haus - The Netherlands war criminals send another thousand troops to fight and do the dirty work for the US.
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a cool photo of Georges Haoui

Haoui and Fidel a photo of the camarade Haoui with the camarade Fidel Castro, soon....
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Bomb kills George Hawi in Beirut.
Mark dameli,

An anti-Syrian politician was killed on Tuesday when a bomb ripped through his car in Beirut, witnesses and security sources said.
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اعتصام استنكاراً لاغتيال جورج حاوي

Georges Hawi, former Secretary General of the Lebanese Communist Party was murdered today in a car bomb in Beirut.

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Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger
Maria Gomez,

Review of Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger and for Real economic Progress.
Many Links to organic and sustainable technology web sites.
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Destroy the Downing St. Memos ? Not on your Nelly!
Foreign Press Foundation,

The last 25% is your life insurance, and is used 'in case of emergency', like when the journalist or whistleblower is "suicided".

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White Supremacist threatens violent attacks. Are You on their Hi
Anita Castro,

Anti-racism activists say they fear for their safety after uncovering evidence that white supremacists plan to set up a “hit list” website called Redwatch Downunder.

The site will feature names, photographs, home and work addresses, car registrations and family details of anti-racism campaigners, refugee advocates, gay rights activists and other at-risk minorities.
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شخصيات اسلامية تثمن مواقف عون
رفيق بغدادي,

التقى النائب المنتخب العماد ميشال عون في دارته في الرابية، وفدا من الشخصيات الاسلامية ضم: المدير العام السابق للاوقاف الاسلامية المحامي محمود حطب، الدكتور محي الدين بغدادي، رجل الاعمال غسان الطبش والنائب السابق الدكتور زهير العبيدي الذي أوضح بعد اللقاء ان الوفد "أشاد بالمنافسة الديموقراطية التي سادت الانتخابات النيابية في جبل لبنان والبقاع وحيادية السلطة رغم مساوىء قانون الانتخابات".

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Bizzar Monsieur Joumblatt

En reponse a monsieur Joumblat
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On Loyality: An Open Letter to US Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq
Stan Goff - CounterPunch,

I was a soldier for most of the time between 1970 and 1996. I signed out on my retirement from 3rd Special Forces in Ft. Bragg. I had also served in 7th Special Forces, on three Ranger assignments, with Delta for almost four years, as a Cavalry Scout for a while, and in the 82nd Airborne Division as an infantryman. I started my career in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
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HERO - A bushite killer speaks candidly
Johnny Wizard,

That is a high act of treason. And it's not,
"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have
the two documents of question. We have the
positions that were offered to the bush administration
on behalf of American intelligence. [the N.I.E.] That
was their position, the bush administration censored
that, re-wrote CRITICAL sentences. Fixed the intel.
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Symposium international

Symposium international

contre l’isolement

Istanbul, 25-26 juin 2005

Organisé par :
La Plate-forme internationale de lutte contre l’isolement (PILI)
L’Association d’entraide avec les familles des prisonniers politques (TAYAD)

Adresse : Théâtre Muammer Karaca
Istiklal caddesi
Muammer Karaca çikmazi n° 3
Beyoglu / Istanbul
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Whot do you think about peace with Israel?

Hi. I`m israeli anarchist
It`s realy very interesting to konw whot do you think about peace with Israel. If you think taht this state have rights for existance? In whot borders?
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رد على منتقدي الجنرال والواقي
فادي عاكوم,

من حسنات الانترنت الإنتشار الأسرع و التواصل و الردود التي تذكي افكار الكتّاب، و تفتح لهم المجال أمام التحاور و الوقوف على آراء الاخرين معارضين أو مؤيدين للأفكار ألتي يطرحها .
لكن أن تتحول الساحات الإلكترونية إلى ساحات لإرسال الشتائم عبر الرسائل إلى البريد الخاص فهذا أمر غير مقبول .
بعد أن نشرت مقالتي "الجنرال و الواقي" وردتني الردود حول المقالة بشكل لا يوصف و أخجل من نشر الكلمات المستعملة، و لا أستطيع حتى أن اطرح أمامكم أقلها بذاءة و بعد عن الاطر الثقافية و الاخلاقية،
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Undercurrents Video Activist Festival

Films wanted!! Seeking entries for annual BEyONdTV festival...
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Ex-army chief wins Lebanon vote
Mark Dameli,

General aoun Lebanon's former army commander and his allies have handed other opposition groups a surprising defeat in parliamentary elections.

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FPF SPECIAL: NATO Europe taking over more illegal US warfare
Henk Ruyssenaars,

The collaborators in England, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany are to send extra troops to Afghanistan...

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إقالة حبيب العادلي.. ولا شيء أقل من ذلك

نحن النساء المصريات والرجال المصريين نتشح اليوم بالسواد حدادا على ما آلت إليه أحوال البلاد....أمهات وآباء ..زوجات وأزواج.. شابات وشباب.. طلبة وطالبات.. عمال وعاملات.. موظفون وموظفات وربات بيوت من كل أنحاء مصر.. نقف اليوم صفا واحدا ومعنا كل شرفاء هذا البلد لنعلن مطلبا موحدا بصوت واحد هو:
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Nothing less than the Resignation of Habib El Adly

We the women and men of Egypt will wear black today mourning the deterioration of conditions in our country. We the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, youth, students, workers, employees & housewives, along with all honorable people in this country will stand today in unity, to demand the
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