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EU: No French Fries for Fritz...
Foreign Press Foundation,

Hit squad cut electricity to punish EU politician.
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Bush arrest when visiting Holland in May?
Foreign Press Foundation,

In the Netherlands coming April 29th there'll be an official verdict in the court case vs Bush et. al.: again charged with a string of crimes against humanity, 'Breach of the UN Chapter' and the Torture Convention, which by the way the US has signed too.
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Bush and Blair, if the moon could talk, what would it say?
Maher Osseiran,

Investigative article that sheds new light on the confession of Osama Bin Laden on tape to 9/11 and supports the possibility that it was produced by western intelligence. It also vindicates those who coined the term "Synthetic Terrorism".
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Death Squad Diplomacy:No!No! to American Occupiers

IN THE SEND ANNIVERSARY OF American toppling of Saddams Statue Iraqis are shouting in the sreet to get rid of the American occupiers, not knowing that the American are going no-where and would make Iraq the center of their Death SQUAD BATTELIONS OWULD WOULD SPEAD FEAR,HATRED AND SECTARIAN VIOLENCE THROUGHOUT THE MIDDLE EAST.Many Iraqis w0uld be forced into becomimng the hit-men and truck bombers to instigate fears and terror into their countrymen so an American installed government could become viable.IRAQI DEATH SQUADS are killing Iraqis by thousands to keep their masters safe.Unless Iraqis unite as Moslim brothers and fellow patriots insurgency would be quelled.
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El libertario du Venezuela
Le Monde libertaire,

* Au milieu des années 80, à Caracas (Venezuela), le collectif autogestionnaire libertaire crée El libertario (1) mais en suspendra la parution au bout de six numéros. Parmi les initiateurs du journal, il y a Angel Cappelletti (2), des vétérans espagnols, des militants ouvriers et d'autres militants... Ce n'est qu'en novembre 1995 que le journal reparaît, sous l'impulsion du Comité de relations anarchistes (CRA) qui vient de se créer à Caracas.

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Death Squad Diplomacy

In the 2nd anniversary of American "Staging" the toppling of Saddam's statue hundred of thousands Iraqis braved the check points and htreath of Death Squads bombers came ot the Firdos Square and begged America to leave their ocuntry.They in Plain language NO! NO! To America!Leave Iraq Now!.They are not aware that America is going nowhere and would stay until all water and oil in Iraq is owned by American corporations and all the national private sector becomes dependant.The new Ambassador is the man who would accomplish these. His experties are in the establishment of oppressive Islamic regimes to stifle economic and social developement while hsutitng anti American Slogans.
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السّوقُ السياسية الآشوريَّة

Assyrian men murdered by Arab/Islamic terrorists
1. قائمة ركزت على الوطنيّة والهوية القومية والحقوق (139) – لم ينجحْ منها أحد

2. قائمة ركزت على الوطنيّة وبعض الحقوق - وأهملت الهوية القومية (148) – لم ينجحْ منها أحد

3. قائمة ركزت على الوطنيّة مفصّلاً - وأهملت الحقوق والهوية القومية في آن (204) – نجحَ منها مرشح واحد.

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It takes a Bush to catch a Bush...
Foreign Press Foundation,

And all the banks in the Middle East too? US access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking accounts: the neocons 'Dagobert Duck Dream' comes true...

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Avedis' Story With Solidere in Beirut-Lebanon

Avedis Hamelian's Story With Solidere Avedis' Story With Solidere
“During the whole war, my wife and I stayed in our house—and we were never robbed. There were all kinds of thieves and criminals in the area, but they never did anything to us,” he says. “But now Solidere has taken everything from me. They have taken my home, my money, my dignity, everything.”
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HazabAllah terrorist activities is not limited to Lebanon only
Posted by East-Beirut,

Children in Midyat raise hands to indicate if they believe genies visit local The exodus of the Yazidis was more stark. By official count, Turkey had 22,632 members of the sect in 1985. Fifteen years later, their numbers had dropped to 423.
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The Arab group and the Islamic group found a common benifit to fi
Ashur Simon Malek,

Prayers at Saint Joseph's Chaldean Church The Arab group and the Islamic group found a common benefit to fight non-Arab, non-Christian in Lebanon.
Many Assyrian disagree with what I stand for, and the cycle been on for at least ten years since I became aware of my Assyrian people presents in a large scale, yet I still stand of what I was standing for before.
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Art of War : The 20th Century

WAR The Twentieth Century
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Anarchist Websites And Forums Under Attack
Against All Authority!,

The FBI has recently sent two subpoenas to the website administrator of the flag.blackened.net
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A Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery (catching up with Mordec
Fighting Father Dave,

On the evening of his release Morde spent time with his supporters at the Cathed One of my favourite pieces of music is the Sex Pistols' classic 'Holidays in the Sun' - a song that begins with the line, 'a cheap holiday in other people's misery'. This would have made a fitting epitaph for my holiday in Israel, except that the $3000 air ticket meant that it wasn't exactly cheap.

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Human Rights Groups to Demand Investigation of Israeli War Crimes
Stop CAT,

International Day of Action Against Caterpillar Shareholder resolution asks: is the Caterpillar Corporation liable for Israeli human rights violations using CAT equipment ? - Simultaneous protests scheduled for dozens of cities around the world.
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New film
John Bissett,

New film just been put on www
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Pope buried in the dung heap of civilization
Foreign Press Foundation,

Il Papa: Nobody protested at this unprecedented gathering of criminal world leaders...

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Christian Zionist dispensationalists in Israel/Palestine
luna moth,

Dispensationalism in Christianity holds the belief that a "Rapture" battle will occur in the valley of Armageddon located in Israel. Dispensationalist leaders like right wing evangelist Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are preventing peace between Israelis and Palestinians to fuel their interpretation of the book of Revelations..
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جمعيات حقوق الإنسان: تستنكر التعدي على طلاب

بيان صحفي

بيروت في 6 نيسان 2005

جمعيات حقوق الإنسان: تستنكر التعدي على طلاب ناشطين بحملة "إنهض" ومنع حرية التعبير داخل حرم الجامعة اللبنانية

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The origin of the 9/11 mysterious 'melt down'?
Foreign Press Foundation,

There was ruin and terror in Manhattan, but, over the Hudson River in New Jersey, a handful of men were dancing. As the World Trade Center burned and crumpled, the five [Israeli] men celebrated and filmed the worst atrocity ever committed on American soil as it played out before their eyes.
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