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Towards Earth-centered Sufi Islam
luna moth,

Sufi Islam returns the peaceful mystic to the center stage, the militant Wahhabist fundamentalist becomes a distant memory..

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USA & Ltd. or USA Ltd.?

What to do, when a state becomes a threat to private business and starts to compete with them? Should we start collecting taxes to our business so we could support our R&D better, or should we fake us to do the subcontracts to the government? Please compare.
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Arms Race Involving Seismic & Volcanic Proximate Causes Tsunami?

US Secretary of Defense Reveals Earthquake
and Volcano Weapons in 1997

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Art of War : Iraq

Iraq Iraq
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The Misconception of Time and the Holy Books
Reinarto Hadipriono,

The concept of time originally derived from the constantly changing conditions, which man later divides into the "past," the "present," and the "future," has, as it turns out, been giving rise to a number of questions. Isn't it an irony that while all we have the whole of our life is but the "present," the fact that we possess memory has yet led us to assume that we have a "yesterday" and a "tomorrow"? This admittedly is an issue that contradicts the various ideas associated with the word "time" as it is popularly used in our daily life, in the various scientific literatures, and in the different Holy Books, which consequently makes it real difficult for us to have it brought to the surface. What seems to further complicate matters is perhaps the very fact that even scientists have so far tended to look upon the issue as one that is strictly a matter of our misconception of time, thereby ignoring the fact that man is destined to have memory.

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العرب يفضلون الجلوس علا القمامة
al quds al arabee,

استنكرت التيارات والحركات السياسية في الداخل الفلسطيني ما جاء علي لسان المدعو رافي يسرائيلي، وهو الشاهد الذي احضرته النيابة الاسرائيلية ليدلي باقواله في محاكمة الشيخ رائد صلاح ورفاقه المتهمين بتبييض الاموال لحماس والتخابر مع عميل ايراني.
جاء ذلك في بيان اصدرته التيارات والحركات السياسية اوردت فيه مقتطفات من شهادة يسرائيلي، وقد وقع علي البيان: الجبهة الديمقراطية للسلام والمساواة، التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي، التحالف الوطني التقدمي، الحركة العربية للتغيير، الحزب القومي العربي، قائمة الوحدة العربية، الحزب الديمقراطي العربي، حركة أبناء البلد والحركة الاسلامية.
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US Nuclear Testing As Possible Culprit for Indian Ocean Earthquak

Yet Another American War Crime?
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Left ideology diagram at two dimensions

Left ideology diagram at two dimensions

In this link you can see a diagram with almost all left ideology and a small resume of them:  http://carapau.webcindario.com/viewtopic.php?t=65 or else  http://www.carapau.pt.vu

In this link you can see a diagram with almost all left ideology and a small resume of them:


or else

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How to end the Iraq War
brent herbert,

good or evil...pick one
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The main course Amerikkkan Holiday Fare
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Ariel Natan Pasko,

It looks at what Bush, Blair, and the Quartet, are proposing, and then concludes that Israel is much more like the New South Africa, and the proposed "democratic" Palestinian state will be worse than the Old Apartheid South Africa.
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Turkey Wants Death Penalty for 18 Year Old Female Poet!!
James F. Harrington,

I was shocked but not surprised to hear this sickening news from the great Muslim country of Turkey. For much too long Turkey has been an ass kisser to the United States and Great Britian and their Puppet Master, Israel.

The Turkish government has banned the public wearing of the hijabs on women. Now it seems Turkey can't prove her loyality to the goons in Washington, London and Israel enough!!!

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الحزب الشيوعي اللبناني ينظم مظاهرة حاشدة نه
jean el cheikh,

الحزب الشيوعي اللبناني ينظم مظاهرة حاشدة نهار الثلاثاء وذللك للمطالبة باعتماد النسبية وتخفيض سن الاقتراع الى 18
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Aucune restriction des nos droits au nom des Jeux Olympiques

an analyse for Olympiques Athènes-2004
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Poll finds many Nazis would limit Jews' rights
William Kates,

Poll finds 44% of Americans would limit Muslims' rights.

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CKUT Radio: Gaza Strip Military Occupation - Canadian Complicity
Stefan Christoff,

Listen to an interview with Mohamed Omar, an independent Palestinian journalist based in Rafah refugee camp of the southern Gaza Strip. The interview focuses on the Canadian government's relationship to the internationally condemned Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
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Rumsfeld Gave Torture 'Marching Orders' in Memo!
Joe Conason,

A recently disclosed FBI memo indicates that "marching orders" to abandon traditional interrogation methods came from Defense Secretary Rumsfeld himself.

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Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues
Zeev bin Natan,

Israeli forces demolish Khan Younis homes Pay attention to what the Israeli ruling elite does, not what it says. Dec. 17th brought the incursion of some 25 tanks, bulldozers and armored vehicles into the Khan Younis refugee camp. Continuing a policy of collective punishment of ordinary civilians, the shattering of their everyday lives and demoralization, numerous homes were intentionally demolished and a number of residents were murdered and wounded.

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