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Bury the two states solution
Sami Aldeeb,

Letter to the Swiss and Israeli Parliament and Government
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Prophecy Nov 12 : A letter to American Moms
Brent Herbert,

We need to talk
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11 November, Remembrance Day: A little reminder to SNC Lavalin

Poster which confronted SNC employees Major bullet manufacturer SNC Lavalin in Montreal, Canada received a visit on "Remembrance Day" in connection with its contract to supply US occupation forces in Iraq.
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Greetings from Fallujah / Aiming at Aimpoint, and hitting the target
Global Intifada,

Aimpoint CompM2 (M68) The viewfinder supplied to the US terror troops A group of Anarchists under the operation name of Global Intifada – a group that had previously targeted companies that support war and occupation such as Cramo that is owned by Caterpillar; targeted the Swedish weapons manufacturer of Aimpoint yesterday night. This action comes in retaliation to the ongoing human rights violations of the British and American forces in Fallujah. This is not the first time that Aimpoint is targeted in Sweden. Three weeks ago the company’s windows in Malmoe to the south of Sweden were smashed in protest of its involvement in crimes against humanity. The company is a high profile manufacturer of red dot sighting technology catering to American troops spreading terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Links to similar actions but from different groups, yet not less louder

(Sweden) http://beirut.indymedia.org/ar/2004/11/1892.shtml

(Canada) http://www.beirut.indymedia.org/ar/2004/11/1919.shtml

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Ariel Natan Pasko,

It gives some friendly advice to world leaders.
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The Holy month of Ramadan blessed by the Divine Grace of George B
Petros Evdokas,

The Holy month of Ramadan blessed by the Divine Grace
of George Bush and Empire

Also at

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Ariel Natan Pasko,

It looks at the comical "tragedy" of Yasser Arafat's passing.
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Coke...The Pause That Kills!!!
James F. Harrington,

Student Killer Coke Can
As you read this article, the Coca-Cola company is using para-military goon squads to kidnap, torture, and kill union organizers at their plants in Columbia, South America.

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Falluja: Blood lust dominates mainstream media
Foreign Press Foundation,

The Falluja battle is obscenely one-sided and, on the American side, thoroughly cowardly. The US military employs the most modern and horrific weapons to eradicate a few thousand lightly armed fighters.
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رسالة من جلال الزوغلامي من سجن مرناق في تونس

إضراب جوع وحشي مفتوح.. حافيا وعاريا

الأول من نوفمبر 2004 الساعة 04 من سجن مرناق

الكرامة، الحرية أو الموت

أناديكم أشد على أياديكم

أبوس الأرض تحت نعالكم وأقول أفديكم...

أنا ما هنت في بلدي ولا نكّست أعلامي

وقفت في وجه ظلامي يتيما عاريا حافي

فمأساتي التي أحيا نصيبي من مآسيكم

سميح القاسم

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On the 1st of November 2004, Jalel Zoghlami started a hunger strike protesting the judiciary harassment against him and his family and his prison conditions in the Mornag prison.
Also, Nejib, Jalel brother, persecuted in the same case and imprisoned like Jalel has been on a hunger strike for more than ten days.

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الحكم على جلال الزغلامي ورفاقه في تونس

الحكم على جلال الزغلامي ورفاقه هو حكم دبره نظام دكتاتوري أحمق وأعمى

(10 شهور و18 شهر سجن "مع التنفيذ" للمعتدى عليهم
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The Second American Revolution
Brent Herbert,

begins today
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Open Source Software Driving Innovations in Web Experience

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - November 9, 2004 - The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet, today announced the worldwide availability of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser. Development of Firefox has been driven by a desire for a more robust, user-friendly and trustworthy web experience. Mozilla Firefox 1.0 arrives on the heels of last month's highly successful Preview Release that over eight million people downloaded, contributing significantly to the final phase of its open source development.

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Forward Email To Yusuf Islam and Muslim Aid, Likely Blocked in US
Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone,

I would wager that many emails sent from the USA are never received by the intended recipient. Please forward the link to this article to Muslim Aid and Cat Stevens, or Yusuf Islam. Recently the musician Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, and founder of the organization Muslim Aid, who was denied
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Prophecy November 9, 2004 The Holy War in Fallujah
Brent Herbert,

Thus saith YAHWEH
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Anti Authoritarian Activists Shut Down British Embassy -Stockholm

Arriving in the early morning as Fallujah is under fire Anti Authoritarian Activists in Stockholm shut down the british embassy for an hour this morning. Employees were forced to use back doors to enter, as many were stranded inside.

The action was in response to war crimes in Fallujah, as British occupation forces covered the gap for American occupation forces giving them sapce to attack Fallujah. It is more of a call to more actions and disruptions of the governments of power where ever they are.

Stay posted as there is more to come.
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أنا لست مسيحياً ..أتريدون قتلي ؟!!

i am not christian , but i want to live in peace in the lebanese university ....
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Cancelling the debts and reparations; paris club meet

Negotiations on Saddam’s debts are reaching their most critical phase. The “Paris Club” cartel of major creditors is meeting on 17 November and you could make a massive contribution by coming to Paris to show the world that Iraq will not be pushed around by Saddam’s creditors. The Paris Club are not accepting that most of the debt is odious and are using it to force through the IMF’s economic policies. Jubilee Iraq’s newly appointed Iraq Director, Dr.Shakir Issa, has been make tremendous progress raising awareness about the debt threat, and has received strong support from Grand Ayatollah Sistani and others.
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Honoring the Fighters of Fallujah - a message to Iraq
Brent Herbert,

It is one thing to march with a sign down a street, and it is quite another to do what that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah is about to do, and get on the wrong side of bunker busters and Abrams tanks and F-15 and cruise missiles. My God I am deeply deeply moved right to the core of my being by that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I salute them. I honor their courage. I vow from this day forward to remember them, to tell their story. Someday the whole world will honor the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I swear it here today, they will.
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