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Asociacion Diaspora Vasca

Sing the online petition in behalf of the six basque nationalists in Mexican
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117e décès dans la résistance carcérale de Turquie
DHKC International,

photo: Selami Kurnaz Selami Kurnaz, 117e héros, piétine la mort.
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دورة تدريبية للحركة الإجتماعية
سارة مروة,

دورة تدريبية في بحرصاف-بكفية حول الإعلام البديل وتحديدا المراكز الإعلامية المستقلة
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In Defense of Supporting Attacks on US Troops
John Paul Cupp,

An Introduction From the Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)
I. US Troops are Terrorists

II. The Death of the Fedayeen and the Anti-war Movement in the US
A. On the Real Motives of the US Anti-war and Anti-globalist forces
B. The Reactionary Class Basis of Opportunism

III. Historic References to "Bleeding Out" the Occupier and the Thought of This Within the Enemy Camp
IV. Support the US Troops WHEN THEY RESIST!
A. Support the US Troops When They Resist
B. Sgt Hassan Karim Akbar, The People's Solider V. Reading the Newspaper Headlines and Laughing Out Loud: It's a Healthy and Liberating Consciousness-building Exercise to Support Violence Against a Common Enemy and its Goons.
A. An Introduction
B. Defiance Leads the Way for Resistance and Pro-Resistance in the US.

Assorted Outline Notes For the Article
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Palestine Freedom March Against Isralie Aparthied Wall
ISM Media Office,

Highlights and Photos of Palestinian and International march against the wall.
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A_ R,


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Hope Floats!
Mary La Rosa,

"Hope floats! eternally light above these darker times. Hope floats! and gives cause to celebrate the small and large gestures we make individually and together towards one another. Hope floats! and gathers momentum, purpose and solidarity. Hope Floats and carries the human spirit higher as the work continues...."
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Class solidarity with Israel's port workers!
anarchists in Israel,

Class solidarity with Israel's port workers!
by anarchists in Israel

This week, dozens of factory owners and manufacturers demonstrated at a major junction in the Haifa Bay-area to protest the continuing strike by national port workers in defiance of a return to work court order. The workers are determined to fight the government and the bosses as Israel's capitalists' government carried forward the drive to privatize the ports.
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Jewish Settler, Jesus, Crucified By Arafat
Ariel Natan Pasko,

It pokes fun at the very real Palestinian propaganda broadcast on PA TV, denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and all the Land of Israel.
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....Biogenetics Is World Suicide Regimen, Arabic Attachment
Roit Roiy,

Arabic Letter, Visit Mobile Audit Club for details on Love Line Page Transgenics has given us a glow in the dark bunny. The war to end all wars will be the threat of bio-engineered weaponry
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American Government Under Seige at Home, Face East, Spin
Fascists And Their Mercenaries Know,

(CASE IN POINT) (POLITICAL CRIMINAL) (Sanctioned THIEVERY & MURDER BY SHERIFF) America is under seige, as a war is brewing due to collusion and corruption throughout. Forced medical experiments on veterans, forced silencing on corruption, forced loss of millions of votes, a caste system that says the time has come to
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Breaking: Militants Behead Man in Video on Internet & Watch This

Militants Behead Man in Video on Internet
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ذكر بالجهر
الف مقصورة,

ضياء الموليد www.deenport.com 8 min 54 sec
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Introducing the Movement for One Democratic Secular State
John Sigler,

As the Israeli occupation continues to grow ever more entrenched, more and more people around the world are reaching the conclusion that the ethnic separatist "two-state solution" is no longer viable possibility. The level of physical integration between Palestinians and Israelis, both inside and outside the Green Line, as well as simple demographic realities has effectively negated any realistic separatist schemes aside from the current "ghettoization" policy being employed by the Israeli government, which is not sustainable.
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مذكرة الى الرأي العام اللبناني
Lebanese under Syrian Occupation,

مذكرة الى الرأي العام اللبناني

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Nader 2004 > Nader 2000
Yoshie Furuhashi,

The best kept secret of this presidential election year is that Ralph Nader has been polling better in 2004 than 2000, despite the relentless barrage of attacks by Anybody But Nader intellectuals. Compare the Gallop survey results in 2000 and 2004.
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What is Going on? Bush Scared or Crazy Like a Fox?

U.S. leaders will commit enormous forces to protect such things as access to crude oil, and given the dependence of the U.S. economy on imported resources, practically any part of the world could become a "vital national interest" in the future (Nigeria, Venezuela, Indonesia).
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4 GW - A New Warfare - A NEw World Revolution

What is Going on in the World? Everything is Now 4 GW:

by Jacques Dessalines and Misha B.


Each Section in the study: Taking Iraqi Strategies Beyond: Insurgent Rebellions and Imperialist Strategies of War; has a summary of key points and then links to the original article and other resources....

-- A gripping vision of a not-so-future warfare. Latter-day Davids vs. the Empire’s Goliath with nation states fighting non-nation states -- clans or religious or ethnic groups -- in places like the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. And the Goliaths will often lose. It's not happening just on the West Bank and Gaza. A Somali clan drove the U.S. out of Mogadishu. Hezbollah ousted the Israeli army from Southern Lebanon. The Chechens have humbled Russia's army. A few thousand Iraqi insurgents have killed a thousand US troops and can continue to cost the US dearly as long as it stays in the Middle East region. This is a global war – a clash of cultures – a collapse of international structures – a war provoked by technology, accelerated social change and corruption among the leaders of the West.

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JEANMARRY PEACE : Hello Granpa it is Hassan and Ismael.


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