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The law of falling body it is wrong.

The project I'm working at it is about magnetic fields.

To complete it I had to describe how a body falls at different temperature.
After a little search I have realized that in more then 350 years nobody has ever tried The falling bodies experiment with one of the bodies hotter, so nobody has ever seen the big surprise:
The hottest body has a faster acceleration rate (it shouldn't, they should "fall" at the same rate not matter their weights).
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Socialist Economies Under Globalization-A Short Survey
Ziad Shaker ElJishi,

Socialist Arab Coalition of North America:


Songun Politics Study Group (USA):

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Iraq Committees,

Message Posted by the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network in the US:

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Why is C. McKinney hated by Republicans?

The hate based campaign against outspoken Cynthia McKinney is funded and driven by right wing Republicans, pro-Bush and pro-Zionist Israel.
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Torture and Guerrilla Warfare
Gary Sudborough,

Popular support is absolutely essential for the success of guerrilla warfare and torture is an effective counterinsurgency tactic, utilized not just for interrogation purposes, but to intimdate the population supporting the guerrilla fighters.
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From the Bogside to Basra
Ali la Pointe,

Basra - Bogside; Occupation breeds state murder Families of Irish victims of British Army occupation to stand in solidarity with their Iraqi sisters and brothers.

See link to Irish indymedia below;
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Ariel Natan Pasko,

Now is the time for every Jew - and gentile - to take a stand. "Not by force, nor by might, but by MY spirit," says the Holy One of Israel....

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يتوجه التجمع الإشتراكى العربى فى أمريكا الش
Arab Socialist Coalition of North America,

. Socialist Arab Coalition of North America- Anti-US/Anti-Zionist All-Arab Communists in North America


Songun Politics Study Group (USA)-Group for the Study of the Army-based Socialist Postulates of Comrade KIM JONG IL, in the US

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Death to “israel”!!! Death to US Imperialism!!!
Ziad Shaker ElJishi,

Death to  http://www.geocities.com/arabsocialistcoalition

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Illuminati Plans For World Government Made LONG Ago
Pastor Mike,

The Illuminati laid plans for world government long ago, and follow their plans well to this day. Here are their protocols for world government written in the late 1800. If it loads. Americans as a whole do NOT agree with it's policies. People live in fear of standing up against them, unlike media LIES.
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Intro Imperialist Strategy
Spirit of Liberty,

Imperialist Always Have Clever Weapons -The People Have Each Other Torture, Special (illegal operations), high sensors and hover craft to hunt down enemies of Cpitalism, support to dictators, intimidation, humiliation, CIA, NSA, DoD, Guantanamo, AC -130 Death Ships. These are America - And Americans design, build, operate and cherish these tools of death and oppression.

WHo are the good guys?

Why is the US/Bush trying so hard to make the world hate the US? There is a reason - the strategy - or strategic goal - behind the strategy - go figure...
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Iranian Labor Leaders arrsted for celebrating May Day released.
Worker Independence,

On Wednesday 12th of May , 7 labour leaders, arrested at a May Day meeting in Saghez , were freed
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Discrimination in the Construction Industry in Isreal Palistne
Worker Indepedence,

A group of 14 trade unionists from seven European countries visited Israel/Palestine from April 25 through May 1, 2004. Their aim was to investigate the labor situation of the migrant workers and the Palestinians, both those in Israel and those from the Occupied Territories. Their visit was organized by the Workers Advice Centre (WAC) - Ma’an. Challenge presents the abridged version of a working paper which the delegates have adopted as a basis for their final report.

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The Shia Rise Up

Despite incredible resistance by the Iraqi people over the past couple of months and revelations of torture by the US and British military there has been a dip in anti-occupation activism rather than a spike.

We hope these articles will help dispel the many misconceptions people have about Islamism (or political Islam) and the Iraqi resistance and, in the process, contribute not only to more activity but more activity that's in genuine solidarity with the Iraqi resistance.

- Rami and Zein El-Amine

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Iran realses 7deatianed workers,
Worker Idependence,

Iranian government releases 7 workers under pressure from international labour movement 13/5/2004

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Film "Raymundo" Website

We have the pleasure to inform you that was inaugurated the official site of the film RAYMUNDO.
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Tariq Ali falls back on humor to address resistance, world events
Hannah Wettig,

Radical leftist talks to a packed audience at the American University of Beirut

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خدم البيوت "جريمة بحق الإنسانية"

article about human rights violation .
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Two Israelis Arrested After High-Speed Chase in Tennessee

" Harris said he saw the men throw something from the truck while they were being pursued. Officers scouring the area later found a vial containing an unknown substance along the roadway, he said. Once the men were apprehended, officers also found a "Learn to Fly" brochure in the truck, leading Harris and others to express concern about security at the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin." I got a sick feeling when I saw it, he said."
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