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The Deceptive Nature of Memory
Reinarto Hadipriono,

There is no "past," "present" or "future"! What is really happening is that we are constantly undergoing "a change of condition." Apparently we are "being deceived" by those "impressions of the previous conditions" that have remained imprinted as our memories.

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Video of Anti-Bush Protest in LA 3-3-04

LOS ANGELES- A large crowd of protesters blocked 32nd street behind the Shine Auditorium Wednesday night in an attempt to block the president’s motorcade
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The World Says NO to War!
United for Peace and Justice,

Anti-war groups throughout the United States and around the globe will take to the streets on Saturday March 20, the one-year anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, under the banner "The World Still Says No to War."
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funny moments

does his nose look big smile please?????
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Message of Hope
Ahmed Harrari,

The following are true facts and verified statistics:
The Global Islamic population is approximately 1,200,000,000, or 20% of the world population.

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Catacrack, now in English

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U.S. soldiers abduct Aristide, says housekeeper

Reports that Aristide has resigned appear to be lies...
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NYTimes Front Page Week In Review

A different image in mainstream news media..

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"Doubts Over Mufti's Jihad Quote"

smh report scan "Doubts Over Mufti's Jihad Quote"
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The Whole World wants to Liberate the Syrians from Baath Regime
Freedom for Lebanese and Syrians,

The Syrian Baath regime is rejected by the whole world in addition to the Syrian people's well to overthrough it
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The Crats of Hebron
Mary La Rosa,

".... this rising "third" population lives ferociously in Hebron, along with the Palestinians and the settlers and soldiers. They have come about as a direct result of the illegal occupation, but are in some ways symbolic of the different kind of existence that Old Hebron has become as it is called, Area H-2."

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The Office of Special Plans

A couple of days ago I found and interesting article and submitted it to Almuajaha ...
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Our War Too - Gay Heroes, and Gay Necessities
Faggots in Arms,

A Gay Praise of the American War Against Terror

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" I refuse to enlist.”
Laura Milo,

Laura wrote: "I cannot take part in the injustices that our country carries out through the IDF. I am not a pacifist; my objection is to the occupation."
Hebrew follows the English because after months of attack and repression Israeli INDY media was shut down :
"ביום ראשון, אתייצב בלשכת הגיוס ואחזור ואומר שהנני מסרבת להתגייס."

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The Four Year Farce
Matt Siegfried,

What do the US elections offer?
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Welcome to IsraHell (by Latuff)

End occupation NOW! Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.
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Forbidden Families
B'Tselem with HaMoked: Center for the Defence,

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Sauvons la vie de Tekin Tangün !

Tekin Tangün, Symposium de Florence, 21 décembre 2003 Envoyez vos fax et courriels de protestation aux autorités turques!
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Why Australian Aboriginal kids are enraged and desperate
Various newspapers,

A quick insight into the underlying causes of the Redfern (Sydney) Aboriginal riots. If you wish to receive this kind of news regularly as email write to Trudy Bray at  ozbrays2@iprimus.com.au and tell her Diet sent you.
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Are pigs carrying flu superbug?
Anjana Ahuja,

The Avian flu that has claimed 22 lives in the Far East has now been found in pigs. Because the animals are vulnerable to both bird and human flu, scientists fear the virus could mutate inside them into a superstrain like the one that killed up to a fifth of the world's population in 1918
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