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19 December 2003 Occupied Baghdad
Dahr Jamail,

“Anyone who stands in the way of American interests here will be arrested.”
-US Soldier at secondary school, while arresting 16 boys for holding a non-violent, pro-Saddam Hussein demonstration.
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Baghdad: Soldiers arrest secondary school students
By Dahr Jamail and David Enders,

(Updated Version)

BAGHDAD, Dec. 19 — Teachers at a secondary school inthe Al-Amariya neighborhood on the west side of the city expressed their anger this morning, a day after American troops came to the school and arrested 16 students.
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Argentina/Tenso conflicto de Kirchner con piqueteros
(IAR-Noticias) Información Alternativa en Red,

La tensión sube hora a hora
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pierre salvy,

International Volunteer

The volunteers will conduct census in Nyarugusu Congolese refugee
camp and Mtabila Burundian's refugee camp. The census will help us to
know the number of refugees who want to return home.
-The Volunteer will provide necessary relief to refugees while they will be on Safari

- The Volunteer will assist refugees with first aid (In journey)
- The volunteer will work hand to hand with Soldiers on escorting the
refugees up to the boarder of Tanzania and Burundi and Tanzania and

According to the government laws no any one allowed to stay or living
into the camp unless he/she is a refugee. So our volunteer will no
stay or sleep in the camp,BioAlliance Partners will hire a special
guest house in Kasulu district and this lodge will be used for
volunteer. The volunteer will go and work in the two camps and then
they will return and sleep to Kasulu town (Census activities will
last for 14 days).

Volunteers will operate in Mtabila I, II; Muyovozi camp and Nyarugusu

Please send your resume to  agency@bioalliance.org

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Defining Terrorism

DEFINE TERRORIST And You Will Be Calling For An Israeli Accountability Act
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No to the Wall Means No to the Geneva Accord
PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign,

The Geneva Accord, if it succeeds, will be a major achievement for Zionism in negating and erasing history, denying Palestinians their inalienable rights, and deeming the Palestinian future to ghettoization and enslavement for the sake of the Jewish state.
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نظام االبعث السوري ينقل رفاة قبوره الجماعية

السياسة الكويتية

كشف احد قادة المعارضة السورية في واشنطن النقاب امس الخميس ان قيادة حزب البعث السوري الحاكم باشرت منذ مطلع شهر تشرين الأول اعادة نبش القبور الجماعية التي تضم رفات الاف المعارضين ضحايا النظام في عهد الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد.و نقلها الى أماكن أخرى يصعب كشفها مستقبلا تحسبا لتعرض سوريا لحملة عسكرية أمركية كثر الحديث عنها بشكل جدي في أروقة وزارة الدفاع الأمركية (البنتاغون) منذ أوائل الشهر الماضي.

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Book review: Resistance - My Life for Lebanon
Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada,

The greatest struggle in Soha Béchara's life was not plotting to assassinate Antoine Lahad, the Lebanese chief of militia in Israeli-occupied Southern Lebanon during the 1980s. Rather, her true test was somewhat parallel to that of her home country of Lebanon -- to survive living under the tyranny of the occupying Israelis. But in Béchara's case, her prison was a literal one.
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Saddam Hussein Capture Hoax: Occupation Regime try to fool the wo
Tom Young,

Image from Saddam Capture video Observing the video of Saddam Hussein's capture makes certain beyond any doubt that the US is attempting to deceive the World and presenting an imposter as Saddam Hussein. It is being backed up in this endeavour by the media.

It would appear from this that powerful American and British interests wish to protect Saddam Hussein answering for his crimes.
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Secondary School under Siege by US Forces
Dahr Jamail,

17 December, 11:30am, Amiriya, Baghdad

On the evening of December 16th, in the Amiriya suburb of West Baghdad, the residents held a pro-Saddam Hussein demonstration. Many of the kids were throwing stones at a US Humvee Patrol as it passed by. Aside from this, it was a non-violent demonstration-no shots were fired, nobody was injured.

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GLOBALIZATION, TIME AND ANGUISH- “Diez horas con la globalizació
Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega (google),

According to the book-“DIEZ HORAS CON LA GLOBALIZACIÓN”(google,amazon,yahoo,Foro-los retos de la globalización, netbiblo, indymedia.org, elcorteingles.es....
“ Nowadays time escapes from our lives, without us being able to catch it, as a result of an apparent acceleration of the vital-global process. We are offered numbers and percentages but they are all uncertain, they are obsolete, and have lost present value while they are facilitated to us”.

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Saddam's Capture and the Media Circus
Gary Sudborough,

A few thoughts about the capture of Saddam Hussein, the reaction of the corporate media and whether or not this will diminish the Iraqi resistance to colonial occupation.
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Growing Fury and Unrest
Dahr Jamail,

16 December 2003

Hamudi sits slumped in a chair at the lobby of Funduk Agadir. Normally all smiles with loads of energy, his face is deeply troubled. He sits staring at the table before him.
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Two States or One in Palestine/Israel
Sami aldeeb,

Two States or One?
An Interview on the Geneva Accord
with Sami Aldeeb
President of the Association for one democratic state in Palestine/Israel
( http://www.one-democratic-state.org)

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Baghdad, 14 December 2003 (Part 2)
Dahr Jamail,

US soldiers are handing out book bags for Iraqi children. The problem is they have an American flag on them. Must colonialism be so blatant?

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Don't think about the children-
Gideon Levi, Haaretz Daily Newspaper,

Horrified, Prof. Melamed posted a stinging article on the internet: "It is incomprehensible that this woman could be held in detention without trial for eight months. Where is the human compassion? Where is the famous Jewish mercy? Why has she not even been permitted to speak to her children by phone, throughout her imprisonment?"
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Resistance to occupation will grow (by Latuff)
Latuff/Sami Ramadani - The Guardian,

Is this the end? "Now that Saddam is no longer a bogeyman to scare the people with, trade union and other mass opposition is likely to increase, complementing and coalescing with the armed opposition."
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China is the biggest threat to the future
Joe Mickey,

Tibetans understand the nature of China's leaders Financed by Western investment and consumer spending, the dictators in china are rising as military and economic powers. tibet's history reveals the nature of China's brutal leaders
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Jubilation, grief, and sadness in Occupied Baghdad
Dahr Jamail,

15 December 2003

The winds of change are blowing strongly across
Baghdad today, literally and figuratively, on this
grey, windy, chilly day. The overall mood is subdued,
aside from a few small, sporadic demonstrations,
namely by the Communist Party. This underscored by the
fact that Saddam has been returned to the Iraqi
capital, albeit under drastically different
circumstances from when he left.

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The Other Reaction in Baghdad the news won't show
Dahr Jamail,

14 December 2003 Al-Adamiyah, Baghdad

The suicide bomber, wielding an RPG and wearing a
bomb, is hoisted onto the shoulders of a man in the
roaring crowd which is composed of men crying for
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