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الجمهور العربي ينصف الأمين والمأمون

بيروت ميديا
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Who Is Human, Who Is Killable? Do Not Waste Lives On Misfit Targets
Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone,

In noticing the attacks and suicide bombs, our people must realize that not all targets are as they seem. We have been conned and manipulated in war after war and look at us, we are still like dogs in the streets, including the powerless Americans of lower caste. Protect your children. Read todays
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The Arab Orient between integration and destabilization!
Dr Salim Nazzal,

In the play (The seller of the rings) of Fairouz (the known Lebanese singer) the Mukhtar (chieftain) of the village wanted to impress the villagers by creating an imaginary thief with the name Rajeh.
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Declara la Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres a Fidel como Ciudadan

El Comité de Dirección de la Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres, reunido en Roma del 24 al 26 de noviembre de 2006,
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Another Bloodbath in Lebanon?
FPF/HR-fwd. Mike Whitney,

The American-backed government of Fouad Siniora is the next domino on the list which could fall in a matter of weeks. Time appears to be running out for Siniora and there’s nothing Bush or Olmert can do about it.
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Only War Can Solve It.
Kent Clark,

D.C. Mayor-elect Fenty plans
public hearing on modern day
slavery in United States'
nation's capital. But the only
remedy is this one.
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Britney Spears Stages Pussy Lips Temple of Love Coup
Karen Fish,

Britney Spears Britney Spears is back for all to see.
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RACISME D'ETAT: le dévoilement du système français!...
Daniel Milan,

Comprendre son fonctionnement pour mieux le combattre!...
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saving the world

. This truth becomes obvious and spreads exponentially- as fast as a consideration of patience and an acknowledged want of truth (divinity).
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Prosigue repercusión por Aniversario del Granma y celebración del 80 cumpleaños

Las actividades por el Aniversario 50 del desembarco del Granma y Día de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias y el 80 cumpleaños de Fidel, fueron reportadas desde diversas partes del mundo.
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Prosigue repercusión por Aniversario del Granma y celebración del 80 cumpleaños

Las actividades por el Aniversario 50 del desembarco del Granma y Día de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias y el 80 cumpleaños de Fidel, fueron reportadas desde diversas partes del mundo.
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بالسني الفصيح
كاتب وصحفي,

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Toklas Dylan and Art
Mo Feinbine,

Alice B. Toklas, Bob Dyland and their influence on culture
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Concours de poésies en ligne pour auteurs amateurs francophones

Des septembre 2006,
le site de promotion des artistes amateurs et défendeurs de leurs droits d'auteur sur la base d'un internet libre et gratuit, www.Nouvelle-poesie.com organise dès le 4 décembre 2006, des concours de poésies en ligne pour auteurs amateurs seront ouverts à tout auteur amateur francophone confirmé ou non selon un thème proposé.
Le concours de décembre est ouvert jusqu'au premier janvier 2007 minuit inclus.
Ce premier concours permetra :

__Aux trois premiers de voir leurs textes suggéré à trois maisons d'éditions afin que ces dernières aient la possibilité d'un premier contact avec l'auteur.
__Aux second d'être publié sur le NP journal, notre magasine en ligne.

__Au premier d'être affiché à l'honneur sur notre page d'accueil et de bénéficier d'un dépot en ligne gratuit de son texte aupres de Copyright-france.com

Le site de Nouvelle-poesie est un site modeste mais qui a le rêve de devenir une association ayant le but affiché de promouvoir les droits et la richesse de la création amatrice.
En vous joignant à nous, ou en nous visitant, en lisant la diversité, l'authenticité et la générosité des auteurs qui ont cru en nous, vous comprendrez pourquoi, oui pourquoi, nous sommes prets à traverser des océans pour eux!



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As The REAL 'Cedar Revolution' Continues, Media Employs Usual Dirty Tricks

As the Lebanese people continue their struggle from within, the media employs the usual, done-to-death dirty tricks to misrepresent what is occuring.
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Pope and Prince: The Real Global Warlords
Seamus Breathnach: www.irishcriminology.com,


Throughout history there has hardly been a century, a decade, or a year , in which the Vatican has not conspired to remake every country in Europe after its own interests. By re:make I mean in most cases, conquer, torture, put to the sword, and swear in their own man, their own Christian Militia, their own Christian bishops, judges, lawyers, etc... It is part of their so-called duties under canon law, their own fanatical duty -- not to God -- but to the Pope and the clergy to conduct themselves in this way.

By the way , theatre and the politics of the 'apology' is very much part of the same arsenal. Didn't Pope John 11 apologise for the Jews, the Cathars, the Fraticelli, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Witches, the.... yawn, yawn, yawn!

Seamus Breathnach

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Rumsfeld urged major shift in Iraq before resignation (?)
Henk Ruyssenaars - links + Xinhua,

The fact that the 'classified memo' some hours ago was published on the Internet web site of 'The New York Times' - one of the US junta's worst pro war megaphones - ought to say enough. The US 'evil empire' still needs and keeps the oil while robbing all and everybody of lives and $billions.
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NEW RADIO INTERVIEW: Is Honoring Mumia a Crime?
Hans Bennett,

Pam Africa with French delegates Telephone interview with Peter J. Wirs (Chairman of Philadelphia's 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee) about the new criminal charges filed against two French cities supporting journalist and death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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Chavez: Always with Fidel and Cuba
César Vallejo,

CARACAS, November 30.— Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez regretted Thursday that he could not travel to Cuba to participate in celebrations for Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday, but assured he would do so after winning Sunday’s presidential elections.

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Fidel: Impetuous, Unstoppable, and Victorious
César Vallejo,

"Today we are living the most promising and encouraging time in our history. This is the fruit of the Cuban people’s stoicism: their faith in the revolution and their confidence in the commander in chief, present even in the most critical moments," said Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage at the closing of a week long tribute to Fidel Castro for his 80th birthday
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