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Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

An international, intercultural organization based in Berlin Germany producing: annual film festival, publications, television programs, cinema distribution, dance theatre.
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Libyan Terrorists/Lockerbie Disaster
They blamed the Libyans, imposed sanctions on that country bombed
the hell out of it, sunk half of their navy and their personal (I suppose
they are not human beings because they are only Libyans or Arabs)
and demonised them there after. BUT what's this I hear is happening in
the World Court in the Hague just recently? How come the finger is
being firmly pointed towards a botched up CIA operation which is
more clearly exposed by a TV documentary called "Maltese Connection"??
For more info:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freeamericanow

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US legalizes torture of Americans and collaborators
Henk Ruyssenaars + Washington Post,

US 'president' Bush on the Dark Age cruelty to use torture and extract 'confessions': "I'm pleased to say that this agreement preserves the single most potent tool we have in protecting America and foiling terrorist attacks." - Bush confirms the total moral decay of the US' managers.
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scholastic review
Linda McHenery,

review of support groups for solar energy, climate protection, clean air, food security and community survival

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Heneghan's Raw Posting: Bushfraud Panics
Tom Heneghan,

CNN is putting out a rumor that Bushfraud and John McCain have reached a deal on the secret tribunals aka rendition issues before Congress.


Noted 9-11
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The Bin throws a party
Digery Cohen,

Got-him-now Things are going so well.
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SUPER HOT BREAKING INTEL: CIA Rendition Gate Is Now 9-11 TreasonGate
Tom Heneghan,

Mahar Arar, framed Canadian computer programmer who was put on a terror watchlist by Canadian and U.S. Government officials and sent to Syria on a CIA rendition flight (where he was tortured) had actually infiltrated the noted Wildcard-Lt. Vreeland-Dept. of Naval Intelligence, Toronto Ontario Canada cell-nest.
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From Budapest to Bangkok
FPF-fwd. Stan Goff - FTW,

While extremely important events are taking place in the United Nations, such as Venezuela’s acquisition of a seat on the Security Council, two explosive international events provide mainstream media with ample distraction. Thailand and Hungary.
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قطر والكويت..
أحمد. م. فرناس,

إن القضية ليست قضية "خالد بن الوليد" – بالرغم مما تردد حول مستوى المسلسل، والاعتراضات البرلمانية الكويتية حوله- كما ليست في "خروج" قطر من "التاريخ"؛ ولكنها في حب الكويت أو بغض الكويت.. وفي حب قطر أو كره قطر. ولكن حب الكويت وحب قطر ثابت لا يطاله الشك. ولكن الشك كله في من يشيع الأباطيل حولهما!

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Tell Livni
Digery Cohen,

Tell Livni Like father, like daughter.
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The Muslim world react to pope Benedict XVI
Gabriel Sawma, Esq.,

The Muslim world react to a lecture given in Germany by pope Benedict XVI
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Dishonest Bush and Iran President Ahmadinejad cross swords at UN
FPF - Henk Ruyssenaars,

Only the dishonest US and Israel boycotted Iranian President Ahmadinejad's UN speech. While an Iranian VIP plane was forced to land in Istanbul: a scandalous treatment and a sure way to make more enemies and keep the resistance growing. Like in Thailand where the people with arms have taken the power.
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A Walk Through the Rubble: Israel's Use of American Cluster Bombs
FPF-fwd.: Dr. Franklin Lamb,

Dr. Franklin Lamb, an international lawyer and author of "Israel's War in Lebanon:"The U.S. cluster munitions dropped across Lebanon have been a near total failure as far as their claimed purpose and justification, degrading Hezbollah forces."
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Bush: War Criminal at Bay
FPF-fwd.: Paul Craig Roberts,

This is the same president who prevented the world from intervening to stop Israel’s slaughter of Lebanese civilians. This is the same president who describes tens of thousands of slaughtered Iraqi and Afghan civilians as “collateral damage.”
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pope to convert
Digery Cohen,

That'll-be-the-day That'll be the day.
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A Question for the Pope: Was it Muhammad who was flying those Bombers over Beiru
FPF-fwd.: Michael A. Hoffman II,

Bush's "Third Awakening Christianity" pummeled Iraq and Afghanistan's cities and villages with bombs and bullets, was perpetrated in Lebanon in July and August, with religious injunctions in favor of the mass murder issued by Orthodox Israeli rabbis.
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Ahmadinejad arrested
Digery Cohen,

I'll-send-Nasrallah Bush to torture himin gitmo
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حسرة وأسف وغضبة كويتية على "خالد بن الوليد"..!
د.وجدي العبدالله,

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Ashamed to be an American
FPF-fwd. Doug Thompson,

Thanks to the illogical, illegal and insane actions of George W. Bush and those who follow him, Americans can no longer hold their heads high and take pride in their country. Bush and his fellow terrorists have destroyed a great country and I fear the damage may be permanent and irreparable.
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