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In Memory of the September Victims. Where We Should Start! Dr Salim Nazzal
Dr Salim nazzal,

The massacres of September 11th in the US have raised old and new questions alike, which have not been responded to before.
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U.S. Republicans,Stanford University,Stem Cells, Nicotine, Medical Fraud
Tony Ryals,

Endovasc's close connections to Beltway far right National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson who orchestrated the dumping of 'up to 30 million' worthless Endovasc shares through one Charles Schwab account in 2002 as well as to Bellador Group a boiler room in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai who also were allowed to dump perhaps many millions more in this terrorist money laundering suspect region,make money laundering most likely but penny stock pump and dump fraud that Stanford University profited from is both obvious and shameful. The fact that all this occured on Joseph Grundfest's tenure at Stanford University is truly disgraceful.

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George Galloway: Popular resistance from Caracas to Cairo
FPF-fwd. George Galloway,

The struggle for justice and prosperity in the Arab world and everywhere depends upon popular resistance to US imperialism and its local clients.
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Parrot or Pariah? - Attacks On 911 Researchers Growing
FPF-fwd. Joel Skousen,

Scholars for 9/11 truth - American professors and other scientists, diplomats, researchers etc.: What happened on 9/11? - "Even worse, Jones and others are coming to the inevitable conclusion that what we are dealing here with is something much uglier than government incompetence or stupidity."
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قطر تخرج من التاريخ.. والدراما التلفزيونية العربية تهرب منه..!
د.وجدي العبدالله,

ومن سخرية القدر أنه سيكون على قطر، التي خرج تلفزيونها لهذا العام من ساحة إنتاج الدراما التاريخية، أن يختار لشاشته أحد هذين العملين؛ ويبدو أن خيارها سيأتي وفق ما تقتضيه القراءة الواعية لعملية التحول الحاصلة، هذا إن لم تكن قد عزفت، أساساً، عن مجرد عرض الدراما التاريخية على شاشتها..!

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Israeli Diplomat Carrying Large Quantity Of Explosives Arrested In Argentina
FPF-fwd. + links + RED KALKI,

Firstly, it should be noted that the airport police, all ex aeronautical military police, were previously under the control of the Defence ministry and military command. Since the 'Four winds' (drugs) scandal however, control of this unit has passed to political functionaries of the Kirchner (Argentine President) government.
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The Time Machine
FPF-fwd. John Kaminski,

The Eloi were oblivious to the fact that they were being raised as food by the disgusting Morlocks, evolutionary descendants of the working class who had taken refuge underground, and who ate the beautiful young bodies they pampered on the surface in order to survive.
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pope turns into devil at night
Digery Cohen,

Pope at night Word has it that the pope turns into the devil at night.
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Kenn - World Can't Wait Olympia Washington,

In the United states Millions of us are deeply distressed and angered. But, people are held back by the fear they are alone and powerless.
Many hope that somehow the Democrats will do something to change this when every day it becomes more clear they will not.
From out of this huge reservoir of people, we can unleash a great wave, moving together on the same day – our numbers making a statement
that can not be ignored and that lets it be known that we are determined to bring this whole disastrous direction to a halt.
On Thursday, October 5, join us in saying to the world: This regime does not represent us and we will not stop until we drive it out!
Walk out of school! Refuse to work! No shopping on Oct 5! Come to mass demonstrations across the country and march through the streets
calling on millions more to join us in repudiating this criminal regime with the mobilization of massive political opposition!

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Bush Pledges $25 Million To Plant WMD In Iran
FPF-fwd. Wayne Madsen,

WMR: arch-neocon Michael Ledeen, who acts as an unofficial foreign policy adviser to Karl Rove, was at the White House yesterday with a group of Iranian opposition figures. Among the topics discussed was a promised $25 million grant by the Bush administration to the Iranian insurgents.
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Chomsky fears 9/11 debate
FPF-fwd. 'Fool me once...',

When questioned about his stance on the 9/11 issue, Chomsky timidly regurgitates the official line by saying that the version we are force-fed by the mainstream media is "pretty much what happened. He claims that he hasn't seen any "credible evidence" to suggest otherwise.
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Evil and inhuman
Digery Cohen,

Evil and inhuman The Pope, Bush and Phoney are equal fascists.
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Blair hit by Lebanon backlash as minister admits ceasefire 'mistake'.
Andy McSmith - The Independent + FPF-links,

The war lasted 34 days. It left 1,393 people dead. Another 5,350 injured. And more than 1,150,000 displaced, of whom 215,413 are still homeless. The damage amounts to more than £2.6bn. Exactly one month after it ended, a Foreign Office minister admits that Tony Blair should have called for a ceasefire.
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G. �zcan TOS, Kefken y�k�nt�lar�n� gezdi; bir Mason ekibiyle birlikte film �ekim
Kefken Anti-Emperyalist M�sl�man Halk�,

Afganistan'�, Irak'�, Balkanlar'�, Chechenia'y�, Filistin'i, L�bnan'� "iyi onard�n�z"; s�ra Kefken'e mi geldi?

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Syria correctly blames inhuman US policy
Al Jazeera + FPF comment,

Tom Casey, US spokesman, in state of denial: "I would certainly reject the notion that the United States, the international community or anyone working to help bring prosperity, to help bring peace and to help bring democracy to the Middle East, is the cause of violence. It's clearly the opposite way."
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المآمرة على الرئيس العراقي السيد: صدام حسين
أحمد الجيدي,

هموم الشعوب العربية والإيلامية؟؟
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!!!! Blair go Home !!!! Zionist Mother Fucker !!!!!!

Lebanon remember the British foreign secretary, Arthur J. Balfour
in 1917 he bitrate "Lawrence of Arabia and the Arabs" and gave Palestine to the British Zionist Rothschild.......England is responsible for the creation of the Zionist Estate of Israel.
can you trust Blair?.......Blair, Bush and Olmert destroyed Lebanon.......you can not trust this people.....so, send Blair
to fuck somewhere else........No TRAINING to the troops, No Ballistics help No help of any Cain Libanon shall not Neal to this baster..........
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Press conference? Crowds chant ‘Blair out!’ on peace mission
FPF-fwd. Daily Express UK,

The fact that Blair - one of the worst war criminals in our world - even was allowed to enter Lebanon has astonished many. And the way the Lebanese PM and some in his 'government' behave is too bad for words. Why keep them? - HR
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Press conference Tony Blair with Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
FPF-fwd. Downing Street. 10 press conference,

Part of the crap: "But I just want to say that during the war I have been in continuous contact with Prime Minister Blair and I think he had certain contributions and certain aspects that reduced  - reduced - the damage that might or could have been inflicted on Lebanon." - Prime Minister Fouad Siniora...
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