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Montgomery,Texas:Stock Fraud and Mid East Money Launderer Dwight Cantrell dead
Tony Ryals,

To Dwight Cantrell's son,Lance Cantrell,apparently a Lieutenant in the military,I would like to say that your father was a traitor to America for allowing and profiting,post 9/11,from fraud using unaudited and unreported WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCKS IN TERRORIST SUSPECT MONEY LAUNDERING REGIONS OF THE WORLD.No one,particularly the SEC,can guarantee those shares and the unknown quantity of money made and laundered through them were not used for terrorism.My investigations have led me to suspect as much from these unaudited penny stocks the U.S. SEC allows everyone from suspect far right Israelis to Saudis and Kuwaitis to buy ' wholesale' to dump in U.S. OTCBB penny stock market ,have been used for drug trafficking and I don't doubt political bribes here and abroad.This fraud then undermines our former Constitutional rights and freedoms. You should be very ashamed of your father Lance Cantrell and if you take or have taken profit from this fraud, ashamed of yourself.

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International Campaign for the Reorganization of the Revolutionary Anarchism

International Campaign for the Reorganization of the Revolutionary Anarchism
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Hypocritical Saddam trial: US sold him the WMD's
Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars,

Since this morning we can see and hear the blatant lies and cover up by the US/Israeli propaganda outlets: we should never know nor understand that it also were chemicals and poison gas from the United States and 'allies', sold by their Dutch 'Ali Chemicali' representative, that killed people in Halabja.
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"راس غليص" بين هناء ثروت ومرح جبر
المركز العربي للخدمات السمعية البصرية,

مرح جبر في مسلسل راس غليص
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Hamas, from islamic revival-movement to Palestinian government
Astrid Essed,

In contary with the leading opinions of the American-European politicians and media, the aim of Hamas, calling by them the ''destruction'' of the State of Israel, is not to kill or expell the Israeli-Jewish population, but to dismantle the zionistic State Model and to make an end to 39 year Israeli occupation and settlementspolicy
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Lebanon & Neo-cons move to United Kingdom
FPF-fwd.: Scott Thompson and Michele Steinber,

''As the founders of the 'Committee on the Present Danger' were eager to stress, the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were not enough. To win the "global war on terror," it is necessary to militarily defeat Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Authority, and perhaps a few other Islamic states, they vowed.''
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Non à l'envoi de "casques blues" au Liban!

La guerre d'Israël au Liban a plusieurs aspects: certains relèvent de ses intérêts territoriaux propres, d'autres de la politique impérialiste américaine au Moyen-Orient dont il est l'instrument fondamental, d'autres enfin sont liés à «l'instabilité» du Liban et à l'insoumission des populations palestiniennes qui n'arrivent cependant pas à s'émanciper de l'oppression nationale à laquelle elles ont été soumises d'abord par le colonialisme britannique, puis par le sionisme.
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Was Fascism The Only Answer?,

For the Survival of Israel
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Israeli militarism and the necessity of a one-state solution
FPF links + Alan Hart,

Israeli author Uri Avnery: ''According to the reports, the Israeli army has been preparing for this war for more than three years.''
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Introducing Ghost Troop to the Army Inspector General
Captain Eric H. May,

The strange near-death of an active Army Ghost Troop seems more than suspicious, as the unit leader, Captain May, explains in this most revealing report to the Army Inspector General. Are Ghost Troops, who serve on a mission of conscience to spread the word about the 911 set up -- and prevent future ones -- on the Bush League hit list?

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écoles sûres
Ashami Balinski,

Global Warming spells disaster for much of the multibillion-dollar wine industry. What next?

Children and farmers devastated, Food Security at risk.

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The General of the Army Raúl Castro Ruz has offered an interview to Granma daily
César Vallejo,

No enemy can defeat us
Affirms Raúl in a statement to Granma. He affirmed that Fidel continues to improve and thanked people for the thousands of messages of solidarity and support from our country and abroad. Measures have been taken to prevent any attempt at aggression. The people are giving a conclusive demonstration of confidence in themselves
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A very highly-placed secular Lebanese
jean el cheikh,

A very highly-placed secular Lebanese (Sunni) sent me this from Beirut today:
"5 days into the Israeli aggression on Lebanon, senior members of the March 14 movement were convinced that the IDF was going to wipe Hezballah out, and reduce the Shia'as to their "historic" size in the Lebanese polity. In a nutshell, these were the days of "subdued" celebration, awaiting the "denouement."
Today, all those who hedged their bets on such an outcome are living in a state of severe anxiety. Evidence of conniving members are surfacing, many in "video and audio." The latest of which happened at a dinner at a restaurant in Faqra, where we have in image and sound, Mona Pharaon (wife of Minister and Beirut MP Michel Pharaon) raising her glass and toasting the "success of The Israeli army." ("Je bois a la sante de l'armee Israelienne")

Michel Pharaon is living in a state of utmost "discomfort" ... "

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The real threat we face is Blair
FPF-links + John Pilger,

Blair is a major prima facie war criminal: By any measure of international law, from Nuremberg to the Geneva accords, Blair is a major prima facie war criminal. The charges against him grow.
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Lutter pacifiquement

Lutter pacifiquement

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The Honourable Osama Bin Laden

Osama is brave – Bush is coward.
Osama is at the front – Bush is hiding behind.

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The Neo-Conservatives and the Policies of Constructive Chaos
Thierry Meyssan,

For the theoreticians of constructive chaos, blood must be shed to bring about a new order in that region rich in hydrocarbons. By plunging the masses into chaos, the elites attempt to assure their own stability. In violence, the imperials interests of the US and Israel merge.
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Who are the Cuban Five ?
César Vallejo,

Civil rights attorney Leonard Weinglass represents Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban prisoners unjustly incarcerated in the U.S. for defending their homeland. As the legal team and supporters of the Five awaited the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision on the case, Socialism and Liberation's Ian Thompson interviewed Weinglass about the Cuban Five and the importance of the case for the U.S. and Cuba.
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Fidel: more like a brother than a friend
César Vallejo,

FIDEL Castro is laughing, making jokes, receiving gifts, feeling the joy of friendship and spending more than three hours with his brother in ideas, as highlighted by the major international press, television and radio media, which are still publishing features related to Fidel’s 80th birthday and his recovery, emphasizing the footage presented on the TV "Roundtable" program on Monday (August 14), in which the Cuban leader is shown with Hugo Chávez Frías, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
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