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hezabolla retrivial and recovery unit ufo military police

point of conquest of irag for american solider point where population was licking mudoff soliders boots----

hezabolla missing in action retrivial and recovery unit ufo military police=============ccr--born the byue

there is a military vacum affect associted with the tv--cat-i-lsit warfare--i learned from spartans and romans---------

opee taylor in cherenoable is the true prince of russia-build it and they will come--flank action
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from london to lebanon
bint handala,

we have just learnt from al-jazeera that it was the US and the UK that blocked consensus to a call for a ceasefire at the Rome meeting.
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Solidarity From Canada
Jordan Thornton,

I know that this may seem meaningless, but I just want to tell you all that the world has not forgotten you - even if our corrupt and cowardly Governments have decided to give in to the obvious Zionist Lobby within our respective countries.
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My Letter to Lebanon’s Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
FPF-fwd. agreeing with Mike Whitney,

If you were a brave man you would have placed the Secretary and her entire entourage under “house arrest” demanding that Israel stop its “scorched earth” campaign before releasing Rice and her people. But, we do not expect you to do the “courageous thing”, just the “decent thing”.
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Rassemblement de soutien à la résistance-Bruxelles

Rassemblement à Bruxelles Ce mercredi midi, une cinquantaine de personnes se sont rassemblées sur les marches de la Bourse, à Bruxelles, pour dénoncer l'attaque fasciste de l'entité sioniste sur Gza et sur le territoire libanais, et pour soutenir le mouvement de la résistance.

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Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon?
Joshua, Frank, CounterPunch,

Israel’s Invasion Pretext Under Fire
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Israel's "Shock and Awe" Bombing of Lebanon
Beau Grosscup, repost Commondreams.org,

In the midst of Israel’s bombing of Lebanon, Chris Mathews of MSNBC’s Hardball, asked his guest, a defender of Israel’s war strategy from the Democratic Party, ‘Why is Israel bombing Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure…I don’t get it.” That an obviously agitated Mathews, a very knowledgeable political pundit, even asked the question is indicative of how well the dirty little secret of nearly a century of strategic bombing, now euphemistically tagged "Shock and Awe" has been kept.
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In the US, Canada, Media Self-Censorship Hides Truth
Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star,

They were gruesome lunchtime images, and totally unexpected.

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UK airport used to fly bombs to Israel - Nukes next?
Telegraph + Henk Ruyssenaars,

Like the US - Blair's Britain supports the London War Lords* and the Israeli genocide this time in Lebanon, with major shipments of bunker-busting bombs and other weaponry from America to Israel. The US, UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Israel have nuclear bombs at the ready - link below.*

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Against the generalised chaos in the Middle East
cnt france,

The third camp statement below (translated from French) has been published by two branches of the French anarchist trade union CNT.
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العلامة السيد محمد علي الحسيني,

مساعدة لبنان
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UN: Israel intentionally bombs UN post in Lebanon Killing 4
Henk Ruyssenaars + AP (Assorted Propaganda),

According to the UN's Secretary general Kofi Annan: ''The UNIFIL post was deliberately destroyed with the human beings in and around it, I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defense Forces of a U.N. Observer post in southern Lebanon."
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UN confirms: Israel intentionally bombs UN post in Lebanon Killing 4
Henk Ruyssenaars + AP (Assorted Propaganda),

UN's Secretary general Kofi Annan: ''The UNIFIL post was deliberately destroyed with the human beings in and around it, I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defense Forces of a U.N. Observer post in southern Lebanon," Annan said in the statement."
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Israeli Missiles Rip Into Medics' Esprit de Corps
Megan K. Stack, Los Angeles Times,

This image taken from video made by Lebanese Red Cross workers Sunday, July 23, TYRE, Lebanon — In the burning haze of the missile strike, Qasim Chaalan thought he had died. But piece by piece, he noticed that he was still there, inside the ambulance. He could still feel his body. He opened his eyes, and discovered he could see.
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International Civil Mission to Lebanon
Indymedia Beirut,

Immediate cease fire-Solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine

A call for an international civil mission to Lebanon

The Israeli war machine continues to kill hundreds of Lebanese civilians and destroy Lebanon’s infrastructure. The humanitarian crisis is getting worse as days go by. International community (United Nations and European Union included) is unable or unwilling to stop the massacre. Furthermore, the United States support Israeli aggression both politically ant practically. We believe that this is the time for the intervention of social movements. It is extremely important to find the way to make citizen’s voice to be heard. It is critical to promote the demand for an immediate cease fire.

As we did during the siege of Arafat’s compound, we propose to organize an international civil mission to Lebanon. Such a mission would express our solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine and demand the immediate cease fire.


PRESS RELEASE 27/08/2006 (scroll down)

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Palestine, Liban: Sionisme assassin, Impérialisme français complice !

L'attaque d'Israël au Liban s'inscrit dans la continuité de ses attaques contre les Palestiniens à Gaza et en Cisjordanie. Le prétexte de ces meurtrières opérations de police impérialistes ont été la capture de trois de ses soldats - alors que des milliers de prisonniers palestiniens, mais aussi quelques libanais, croupissent depuis des années dans les geôles israéliennes.

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Israeli WMD Chemical Weapon dropped on children in Lebanon identified
Wayne Madsen Report,

WMR reported that the Israeli military was using poison gas on villages in south Lebanon. According to a former U.S. weapons expert who served in Iraq, the artillery shell in a photo taken in Lebanon (below) is a chemical weapon delivery device. It is being handled by an Israeli Defense Force soldier and Hebrew lettering can be clearly seen on the armored vehicle. Another chemical weapons shell of the same type can be seen lying on the ground to the right. It is not known what type of chemical is in the chemical canister, however, gas dropped by the Israelis in villages in southern Lebanon has resulted in severe vomiting among the civilian population.
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Lebanon - Gaza invasions planned last month in USA meetings w/ Israeli officials
Wayne Madsen,

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon was planned between top Israeli officials and members of the Bush administration. On June 17 and 18, former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Likud Knesset member Natan Sharansky met with Vice President Dick Cheney at the American Enterprise Institute conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado. There, the impending Israeli invasions of both Gaza and Lebanon were discussed. After receiving Cheney's full backing for the invasion of Gaza and Lebanon, Netanyahu flew back to Israel and participated in a special "Ex-Prime Ministers" meeting, in which he conveyed the Bush administration's support for the carrying out of the "Clean Break" policy -- the trashing of all past Middle East peace accords, including Oslo.
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Unction and cure
Marcos Loures,

Of the cure through “ungidos” antibiotics
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The Think Peace Documentary Film Project to release DVD of the World Peace Forum.
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