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1500 New Yorkers Demand End to Israel's Attacks on Lebanon and Palestine
Ad hoc Coalition against Israeli Aggression,

Protesters demanded, “Stop bombing Lebanon.” “Free, free Palestine,” and “End the occupation now.” They chanted, “No justice, no peace, US out of the Middle East.” Speakers called for an end to the US and Israeli wars in the Middle East. They criticized the US’ one-sided support for Israel, and the lack of media coverage of Lebanese and Palestinian civilian deaths. The demonstration concluded with a spirited march past Grand Central Station and into Times Square.
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'Tell them about our dreams' - A farewell to Beirut
David P Ball,

A Canadian in Beirut interviews refugees, humanitarian workers and suburb residents about the devastating Israeli invasion. As foreigners prepare to evacuate, he reflects on what it means to leave a city in flames.
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Photos: Protests against Israeli attacks break out in US cities.
Dick Reilly, Chicago IMC,

Good Morning Beirut. Since last Thursday a number of emergency protests against the latest Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza have held across the United States. The largest to date occurred in Dearborn, Michigan just last night where an estimated 10,000 people took to the streets of that city to demand an end to US support for Israel's attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. Below are links to images and video from some those protests. More to follow
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NYC: Photos from Protest Against Israeli Attacks
nyc indymedia,

An impassioned crowd of roughly 700 gathered on 2nd Avenue from 42nd to 43rd Streets in protest of the current Israeli attack on Lebanon and the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

“We are here to call an end to Israeli aggression against Palestine and Lebanon…No more attacks on Palestinians and Lebanese civilians – that is our message today,” said Riham Barghouti, a member of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Campaign in New York and a member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.|| More Photos: 1 || 2 || Bolton: Lebanese Deaths "Not Morally Equivalent" || Ha'aretz: Nasrallah Still Holds All the Cards
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Deaborn, Michigan: 10,000 March for Lebanon
Detroit Free Press,

Marchers make their way down Schaefer Road in Dearborn on Tuesday. Carrying banners saying "Stop Israeli Terrorism" and chanting antiwar slogans, some 10,000 people rallied in the center of metro Detroit's Arab-American community in Dearborn on Tuesday, demanding that the U.S. government put pressure on Israel to halt attacks in Lebanon.
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Theend of time

Transfer of power to Women
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The World Peace Religion - The Solution for the Middle East Crisis
Karen Fish,

Here is the solution for Peace in the Middle East.
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An Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet
Beijing International Peace Vigil,

* stop the military assault on Gaza and Lebanon;
* end sanctions against the democratically elected Palestinian government;
* secure the release of Palestinian government officials and other prisoners;
* enforce UNSC resolutions 242 and 446;
* take real action to create and protect a viable Palestinian state.
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President Hugo Chavez: U.S. support for Israel to lead to Holocaust
FPF + Haaretz,

ISRAEL ALSO ACCUSED OF KILLING HUMAN BEINGS BY USING ILLEGAL WEAPONS AGAINST THE LEBANESE RESISTANCE- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said (last) Friday that U.S. backing of Israel is responsible for flaming tensions in the Middle East and putting the world on course toward another "Holocaust".
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Epic Resistance in the Land of Palestine and Lebanon
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,

Statement issued by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the Escalation of Zionist Aggression against the Territory of Lebanon and Palestine.{English translation}

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Jewish History
Jackie Grant Veloice: Harper,

What world famous men said about the Jews......
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The World Peace Religion - The Solution for the Middle East Crisis
Karen Fish,

The Dove of Peace The World Peace Religion is the solution for the Middle East Crisis.
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Of the Terrorism
Marcos Loures,

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Of Knighthoods and Commanders
Marcos Loures,

about the decoration made to Bob Petterson, a famous Brazilian politician

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Athens: demostrations against Israel

demo of left movements and anarchists .
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Evacuation of foreigners shouldn't be allowed!
U.S. Anti-imperialist,

If foreign governments are worried about their nationals in Lebanon, they should stop aiding and abetting Israel's assault on that country.

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The hopes of every oppressed, every lover of steadfastness

Statement from the General Secretary of Hizballah, His Excellency Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, to the Nation, the Lebanese people, the resistance fighters, the Zionists and the Arab leaders

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Nuke the Hezbollah
Khaled Abu Toameh,

Arab world fed up with Hizbullah
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Rome protest against aggression on Lebanon

Astonished by the violence unfolded by Idf on Lebanese civilians,
people from Rome could not be indifferent.
About 1000 people gathered in piazza Venezia (central Rome)
to say NO to the israeli militar aggression.
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Cry for my Beloved Country!
Hera G. Booutchakjian,

A Call for all Civil Society and International Community to stand up for what is Happening of injustice in Lebanon.

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