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US Soldiers to America: Bring Us Home Now!: PART 2
Jay Shaft,

The following interview was with a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army. He has been deployed both in Afghanistan and most recently in Iraq in Falujah and in Kirkuk, which have been the heart of Iraqi resistance and attacks on US forces.

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US Soldiers to America: ''Bring us home now; we’re dying for oil
Jay Shaft,

I had the unique opportunity to interview five US military servicemen who just got back from Iraq, or in the case of two men, corresponded with their wives so that I could ask questions of these soldiers by mail. When the two I corresponded with came back just last week, I was able to complete the interviews I started several months ago with some new details on how the war is actually going.

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Jenin: give me liberty or give me death

The last 8 days of reprisal attacks, arrests and curfew in jenin, Occupied Palestine
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On How US Imperialism Uses Korean Blood to Kill Arabs
Ziad Shaker elJishi,

DPRK Flag We say unity amongst the Korean peoples in the North and South against US imperialism; and unity of the Arab people around Iraq, Syria, and Palestine.
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US invasion of Iraq: The phony war and popular resistance
James Petras,

The account of the US invasion of Iraq is cloaked in lies and distortions, which magnify the successes of the US military command... there are several important unanswered questions: Why weren't Iraqi planes utilized to attack US command posts in Kuwait and US vessels only minutes away? Why was Baghdad left virtually militarily abandoned? Why has there been more US military casualties "after the war" than before? Why has the resistance and fighting morale of the Iraqis not diminished under the military occupation by US troops?

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The Fascist Fraternity
Gary Sudborough,

A history of the collaboration between German and American capitalists during World War 2 to not only profit from war, but to spread fascism as well.
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Appeal for New Trotsky Project
Alan Woods,

Leon Trotsky
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PFLP rejects the formation of PA Emergency Government
PFLP Information Office - repost, DR,

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine PFLP rejects the formation of PA Emergency Government

Palestine - 10/6/2003- A spokesperson for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-PFLP commented on President Arafat declaration of the State of Emergency and the formation of Emergency Government with the following statement:

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Here We Come

leaderless from below
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wonderful Jean Ziegler
Silvia Cattori,

Jean Ziegler, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, payed an official visit to Palestine in July 2003. This the first time a UN Rapporteur was allowed to investigate the situation in the occupied territories.
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The U.S. and Israel's Criminal Intent and October25 th.
Lloyd Hart,

But the question is not whether the public can see the criminal behavior of these regimes but rather,
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George Bush: A Menace To World Peace

Think deeply on this, ask yourself where do we stop these madmen. Iraq may be the only place to stop this madness. Every nation that desires freedom and democracy must resist the Bush Junta's pressure to participate. The welfare of the world may well rest in the tying down the US army in the soil of Iraq, at least until Bush can be removed from power
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Palestine Palestine
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Global-Conflicts.com and YellowTimes.org

The Global-Conflicts.com Project is an effort to launch a new website that will monitor conflicts around the world. Global-Conflicts.com is intended to serve as a hub to major links relevant to articles on conflicts located world-wide.
YellowTimes.org is proud to participate in an effort to help fund the Global-Conflicts.com Project:

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جدلية المعارضة في الممارسة السياسية
jean el cheikh,

جدلية المعارضة في الممارسة السياسية
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Coalition Of Women for Peace

On the website of the Coalition of Women for Peace: Thoughts for Yom Kipur * Host A Refuser! * 3 Years of Intifada Data * Reserve Pilots To Refuse Liquidations * Who Won (Gush Salom) * Electronic Intifada * and many more
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Hawaiian Islands Owned In Allodial

His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui, King of the Kingdom of Hawaii The Hawaiian Islands have been conveyed back to the Kingdom of Hawaii since January 11, 2002
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King of Hawaii Visits Students
L. Kahiamoe,

His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui Speaks To The Students His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui and Queen Akahi Wahine Spend the Day with 7th Graders
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How the Peace Movement Has Made a Difference in the World
Jay Shaft,

Our combined voices have been heard around the world by many nations and widely separate and diverse cultures. We have all raised our voices against war in a chorus of many languages and tongues. We have cried out in one unified voice against the governments massing the greed filled, profit driven war machine of corporate enrichment.

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Nader shines light on Bush, Texas GOPs dark agenda
Sam Hananel,

Nader called the Texas Republican Party's platform the most radically conservative he has ever seen, calling for: withdrawing from the UN, retaking the Panama Canal, repealing the minimum wage, and abolishing the Department of Education and the IRS.
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