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France24 State 'news' channel to challenge BBC, CNN, FOX etc?

from Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent -

The problem with all those 'sources' is governments paying for the information being spread. As legendary US journalist I.F. Stone said 4 decades ago: "All governments lie." Based on my 4 decades of experience with many governments and their 'advisers' one can only confirm that Izzy Stone was totally right. They all lie and people die.


by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - Paris/Amsterdam - Dec. 7th 2006 - An international news channel, France24, has been launched by the French State, which is said to be relying on 'French values' and is supposed to be a counterweight for global propaganda sewers like the BBC, CNN, FOX and all former major 'news' agencies, like 'AP' - an abbreviation which now stands for: 'Assorted', or 'American Propaganda'. And many of us are like Izzy Stone absolutely right when we claim that 'they lie, and people die.'


The French 'government' by the way got quit fed up with all denigrating remarks describing the French people as 'french fries eating frogs' in, as the criminal former US minister for war Donald Rumsfeld called it: 'Old Europe'. In the canteens and restaurants of the US junta's Pentagon 'French fries' even were called 'Freedom fries' - á la Orwell. War is called Peace and lies are called the Truth. Warmonger Rumsfeld made his 'old Europe' remarks in response to a pledge in 2003 by French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to work together to oppose the illegal US invasion and following war disaster in Iraq.

Which according to a survey by the US Johns Hopkins University and published in The Lancet (UK) now has cost the lives of an estimated 655.000 (Six-hundred-and-fifty-five-thousand) human beings. Plus many thousands died and are dying of the brainwashed 'western' troops in the criminal 'Coalition of the Killing' - the lawless and armed racket sacrificing their lives for the interests of the US junta's multinationals which are devastating our lives and the globe..

According to Rumsfeld at that time investing hundreds of $millions in 'Lie factories' spreading fake news all around the world: "You're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't," he said, according to propaganda channel BBC: "I think that's old Europe." In France the gloves are coming of too and the head of the police, secret services etc. Interior minister Sarkozy, represents the always prevailing interests of the group of the Bank of England, the 'London War Lords'.

Germany again has been fully taken over by Bank of England group which 'strongly advises' their pawn PM Angela Merkel and Germany's so called 'government.' Like The Netherlands, Germany is an active and full (with our embezzled taxes paying) part of the US junta's war machine. At the cost of countless lives, happiness and income of the people living in all other US/NATO colonies. This global usury system has to change.

But, with France24 as a new megaphone, 'old France' will defend it's own state interests (financial market, weapons, ELF/oil, nuclear, EU domination etc.) - financed to the tune of 80 million euros (100 million dollars) a year by the state and run as a joint operation between France's top commercial and top public national TV networks." as it says below. I do not think we'll get many 'objective' or honest facts. It'll be the usual: 25% OK and the rest state drivel which a real journalist should investigate, not spread...

It's been shown that a judge in France, working according to the law, is a danger for the people in power and their profit. French investigating judge ('juge d'instruction') Eva Joly* wrote a book about her fights as a judge after surviving the investigation of the (sick) French oil multinational ELF, and the threats by hired killers and authorities. Quote : "Logic would suggest that our efforts were encouraged by successive governments. On the contrary: our investigations were monitored and at times hampered," she writes in an extract published in the daily Le Parisien.

Elsewhere she describes being visited by a man named 'Franz' who warned her: "Ninety-eight percent of crimes can be tried, but there remain two percent that justice cannot settle. They are called State secrets. ... Be careful. The state has guardians for its secrets. They are not gentle." - Judge Eva Joly also reported about a meeting with a "very senior French general" who advised her against investigating the world of arms sales: "With us there is no warning. If you start inquiring, I give you 48 hours," the general said." - Eva Joly said the French establishment was one of the most rotten in Europe. "It is a country of networks that don't like to be challenged."


He is famous too for saying it: ''They are all lying through their teeth.'' And you better be glad that your ability to see the difference between propaganda and 'facts which are fixed around the policy'. many people the world over have not become a brainwash victim of the by those propaganda channels spread lies, fakes, smokescreens and the dumbing down of the world's population. So you better know who the 'new owners' and the US junta's anchors of al Jazeera International are. And what other State propagandists are up to.

And concerning the BBC: this global war propaganda channel for the past decades only has broadcasted two percent (2%) anti war dissent. There actually is no follower more vile and faithful of the US junta's war agenda than the BBC under the leadership of the (now leaving) BBC's boss and PNAC 'front man' Michael Grady. Those 'katzas' assist and collaborate with the real war criminals, in this case and with many other pulling at the global media strings behind the scene. - [ http://tinyurl.com/y43ft4] - Michael Grade is the #1 'front man' within the media organizations and at the top of the BBC for the London Warlords 'Broadcasting Blair's Crap'. - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/l687f

In short: about 90% of the global 'western' media is contaminated by the US war machine's propaganda, so let's use our own logical judgment and Internet. One of the very good sources on Internet by the way is "Information Clearing House" - Url.:  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/

The French state's information agency AFP (Agence France Presse) had the following, quote: "France 24, as the network is called, will start broadcasting in English and French on the Internet on December 6 and then via satellite two days later, its chairman and chief executive, Alain de Pouzilhac, told Le Figaro newspaper. The US-led invasion of Iraq pushed the project forward, because Chirac was reportedly miffed by the way CNN and the BBC presented France's opposition to the war. Some reports in US media inaccurately stating that "Paris is burning" during the 2005 riots around France also nettled Sarkozy and the government. - [ http://tinyurl.com/ygf23j] - Chirac has said he hoped the channel would place France "at the forefront of the global battle of images". On their gutter level it's all about 'images' and not about reality.

The European Commission gave the green light to the French channel in June, but media commentators have highlighted internal problems in the company caused by forcing TF1 and France Televisions - aggressive competitors in the national market - to work together." - [end quote]

One can only hope that at France24 they remember the old French proverb which you'll find in English below: 'Celui louer devons de qui le pain mangeons'?

Because globally all of those prompter reading propaganda pimps and dish bitches in the messmedia (pun intended) know exactly what it means for 90% of them who formerly were called 'journalists' and have sold themselves:





[endquote] - The rest is at Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/ymqtzo


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Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands


Homepage: http://tinyurl.com/gpr4j

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