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New Middle East map

from Digery Cohen -

Fill in the local details yourself

New Middle East map1
New Middle East map1

Bring in the axis of evil

The Baker surrender proposal

Cut and run and beg the axis of evil to move their axels and sort out Iraq.

This they will do but not as The US wants.

The US has started it and the Axis will end it with Israel in far weaker position.

Nice work dumbos.

Iran intends to invade Kurdistan Iraq in the north and link up with a Syrian/Turkish force attacking in from the West.

This will give them to oil of that region and subdue the restless Kurds who if allowed to continue would form a greater Kurdistan and break up all the countries in the region.

Long after the Palestinian issue has been sorted there will be ongoing war in the region as the Kurds try to right the wrongs that have been done to them by not allowing them to have an independent nation.

Soon we will have the new Middle East map, with the Shi’as on the rise, and it may be a bitter better than the one drawn for the “natives” by the British and French at the beginning of the last century.

Come to think of it the Shi’as have been as oppressed as the Kurds for centuries.

Iraq has 70% Shia, Yemen 50%, Lebanon 60%, Kuwait 50% and Bahrain 70%. All these countries will be run by the shi'as in future. They are nearly back in the land of the Prophet.

Now is their time thanks to the invasion of Iraq.

The Kurds will have to wait for another Saladin.

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