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Beit Hanoun Appealing and screaming, where is the world's conscience?

from Beit Hanoun -

For all of the world
For all of honorable people all over the world
For all of human consciences

For all of the world
For all of honorable people all over the world
For all of human consciences

Residents of Beit Hanoun awoke to the sound of explosions and screams, where the bodies were torn apart, where houses were demolished, where unarmed civilians were trapped under debris, where cries of distress resound everywhere. Ambulances were unable to handle the number of killed and injured; before Israeli forces stormed Beit Hanoun, dozens of tanks and military vehicles invaded with several bulldozers. Under air cover Israeli forces opened machine gun fire at homes and property, while bulldozers destroyed large tracts of land. Beit Hanoun has been targeted by a systematic destruction of the infrastructure and mass punishments by incursions.

No one can believe what has happened in Beit Hanoun; the massacre is above imagination. It, once again, demonstrates the brutality of the Israeli aggression. These crimes reveal the brutality of the Israeli occupation against children and defenseless civilians. These people were targeted in their homes, at night, only because they are Palestinians and want to live a life of dignity.

We appeal to you. We appeal to your conscience, on behalf of all the concepts of humanity to stop this barbaric aggression against our people and our children; to stop the killing of unarmed civilians; to stop these war crimes; to stop the flagrant violations of all international laws and conventions.

Our people are appealing to you to stand up for their rights, in order to stop Israeli massacres and crimes against women, children, and unarmed civilians in Beit Hanoun, and all of Palestine.

Are you ready to pay attention to our appeals? We hope that you areā€¦
On behalf of the human conscientiousness.
For universal human rights.
For a just peace in all parts of the world.
For the innocent children deprived of a dignified life in Palestine.

We are calling upon you to intervene immediately to save our lives.

The Culture and Free Thought Association

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C'est affreux
Leslie Bary

Greetings and solidarity! I so wish I could send a message saying, "I will take care of this!" I have fantasies of being elected President, so I could make a phone call saying, stop! (I am quite sure the U.S. President has that kind of influence, if he would only use it.)

eMail: leslie.bary@gmail.com