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Student-run infoshop opens

Peter McCoy,

Opening Party Earlier this month, a student-run non-profit infoshop celebrated its grand opening at The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia, Washington, USA. Using the guise of a state funded student group, volunteers of The Evergreen Infoshoppe were allotted over $4,000 to purchase radical books, zines, and videos for their lending library and resource center. After only a few weeks of planning, the Infoshoppe now hosts an ever-growing collection in a permanent, centrally located and nearly autonomous location.

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The Evolution of Morality

Ezra Niesen,

Scientists who study human evolution have discovered the evolutionary origins of morality. The concept of morality exists in every culture on Earth, but the morals themselves are different, which causes a lot of conflict in the world. Now that the Democrats own the U.S. Congress, I’m sure that conflict is about to get very interesting…

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Global Action Day for Education (30th Nov)


A Global Action Day for Education will take place on the 30th Nov to protest and resist neoliberal reforms. Students of the world unite!

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Voice of the American Atheist Resistance—Update!

Ezra Niesen,

I’ve been invited to give a lecture at Arizona State University (USA) this fall on evolutionary science and its uses in progressive activism. The version of the lecture I wanted to give turned out to be 4 hours long, so I recorded that version in 13 tracks and posted it on my website for free download at www.newbookforanewworld.com/lecture.htm .

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Make a movie that matters

NUFF Global,

NUFF Global is a worldwide call for young filmmakers everywhere to submit film ideas on Climate Change. An international committee of film and environmental specialists has already been assembled, and will the top ideas approx. 5,000 US dollars each in production funds. Completed films will be screened at NUFF 2007 (www.nuff.no). For detailed information please check www.nuffglobal.net.

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Kenn - World Can't Wait Olympia Washington,

In the United states Millions of us are deeply distressed and angered. But, people are held back by the fear they are alone and powerless.
Many hope that somehow the Democrats will do something to change this when every day it becomes more clear they will not.
From out of this huge reservoir of people, we can unleash a great wave, moving together on the same day – our numbers making a statement
that can not be ignored and that lets it be known that we are determined to bring this whole disastrous direction to a halt.
On Thursday, October 5, join us in saying to the world: This regime does not represent us and we will not stop until we drive it out!
Walk out of school! Refuse to work! No shopping on Oct 5! Come to mass demonstrations across the country and march through the streets
calling on millions more to join us in repudiating this criminal regime with the mobilization of massive political opposition!

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put-nam tea sheek into the pig project--redwood city calif

opee taylor,

nurse cratchet belongs to omed---san francisco---from the street gangs---sf---------our mutal ma-toe is we dont like men-------------looking forward to seeing the palistine duckiesss in sf-go by the name of the opee taylors

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The Hidden Draft in Our Schools

Captain Eric H. May,

With a vast majority of the US public disapproving of the quicksand war in Iraq, how can American educators continue to allow unchecked and unscrupulous recruiting in our high schools? A former Army officer takes a look at the problem of gutless school leaders who let their students be turned into Bush League cannon fodder -- then offers some suggestions on how to change things.

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écoles sûres

Ashami Balinski,

Global Warming spells disaster for much of the multibillion-dollar wine industry. What next?

Children and farmers devastated, Food Security at risk.

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