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Assyrain Christians Targeted in Iraq.

Massacre in Baghdad: Assyrian Children age 6 and age 16 Killed at Home! Baghdad, Iraq - Two Assyrian Christian children
have been killed in Baghdad. Raneed Raad age 16 and
her sister Raphid age 6 were slaughtered in their home.
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US/EU coup in Kyrgyzstan

Continuing the process of "regime change" against countries with governments not fully subservient to the US/EU, a coup was launched yesterday in the former Soviet Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. It is believed that the president was about to evict the US "anti-terror" military base there.
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Assyrian being killed in Middle East and their homes destroyed
Ashrafiyah of East Beirut,

Arab media does not broadcaste termination and murdering of Assyrian Christian *** Assyrian Shopkeeper Killed in Dora -Baghdad
*** Shi'ai Gang Attacks Basra Students, Kills Christian Student
*** Turkey Illegally Confiscating and Selling Assyrian Lands
*** Western Sydney Shadow Minister Supports Assyrians

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In Ancient Assyria Vernal Equinox (March 21) Was Celebrated
Tony A. Haddad,

Assyrian Celebrate New Year of 6755 ( March 21, 2005 ) vernal equinox:
Either of the two times during a year when
the sun crosses the celestial equator and when the length of day and night are approximately equal; the vernal equinox or the autumnal equinox.

In ancient Assyria vernal equinox (March 21) was celebrated as the start of the New Year.
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CKUT Radio: Lebanon - the Struggle for Social & Economic Justice
Stefan Christoff,

Listen to an interview with Ghassan Makarem, a media activist based in Lebanon with the Beirut Indymedia Media Center. The interview provides analysis on the current situation in Lebanon, rooted in the recent history of popular social movements, specifically focusing on the May 2004 country-wide labour strike and popular demonstrations against the privatization of social services, government-corruption and post civil-war neo-liberal economic policies.
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The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic language (Assyrian)

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic language (Assyrian) The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic language (Assyrian)
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17 year old Nardin Benyamin's car was hit by a drunk driver AN ASSYRIAN YOUTH NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS

Benyamin's car was hit by a drunk driver he is in critical condition.
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restricting thought is not a model of democrac

restricting thought is not a model of democracy
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restricting thought is anti democracy

restricting thought is no longer democratic
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Palestinian Refugees in Canada Face Discrimination

"In November of 2004, Canada deported another unsuccessful Palestinian refugee claimant, Ahmed Nafa, to the US. He is currenly being held in indefinite detention after his refugee claim was refused by US immigration authorities....Starting in January 2004, a Montreal campaign run by The Coalition against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees attempted to halt the Canadian government from what it said was the unjustified deportation of dozens of Palestinians....The members of the coalition heavily criticised what they saw as a bureaucratic and ineffective immigration policy, which discriminates specifically against Palestinian refugees arriving from Lebanon and the Occupied Territories."
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we are not robots but human beings.

we are not robots but human beings.
that is what seperates us from certain nazis that did not think for themselves but had hitler think for them.

hitler was the political head of a democratic state which by NO means excuses his undemocratic actions.
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workshop on "Street Law"

join the wrokshop...
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Teenage gunman kills nine in US

A US teenager has shot dead nine people - seven of them in a
rampage through a school that ended when he apparently killed himself.

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take out sharon...

make no mistake about it, israel is a military dictatorship in the guise of a democrasy.
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Also Blair manipulated intelligence to justify Iraq war
Foreign Press Foundation + BBC,

It's confirmed again, and just like you thought: Bush, Bolton or Blair, Sharon, PM Koizumi from Japan, Berlusconi (It.) or Dutch PM Balkenende: the war criminals walk among us...time to take'm to Court..!
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Assyrian New Year on March 21
Maron J. Hallo,

Governor Schwarzenegger extend his warm greetings to Assyrian I am pleased to extend my warm greetings on the occasion of Kha B'Nissan, the Assyrian New Year on March 21.
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The Future Iraq
Dany Abi Beirut,

This fact simply does not grant any right for any faction of the Iraqi people, to assume full power over any region or to have its own separate army or annex additional regions to its geographical boundaries, regardless of its population or its power should we talk democracy and human rights as some powerful Iraqi factions are claiming.
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The Situation for the Christians in Iraq
George Arz Haddad,

Margareta Viklund, member of Sweden Democratic Party The Assyrian are a people without a country. For centuries they have been persecuted, victims of terrorism and nearly exterminated. The majority of the Assyrian population converted to Christianity during the second century, giving the Assyrians a legitimate claim to being the first Christian nation in history. The Assyrians are a very old people and extremely proud of their history.

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pics. Stop the War Demo London 19th March 05
Richard S (manchester UK),

pic 1 photos from London Demo 19th March
Bring the Troops Home - End the Occupation of Iraq

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تدشين المتحف الجديد
ياد فاشيم,

تم تدشين المتحف الجديد لتأريخ الكارثة في "مؤسسة ياد فاشيم" في أورشليم القدس لتخليد ذكرى اليهود ال-6,000,000 الذين أُبيدوا على يد الوحش النازي خلال الكارثة التي حلت بالشعب اليهودي إبان الحرب العالمية الثانية. وشارك في حفل التدشين رئيس الدولة موشيه كتساف ورئيس الوزراء أريئيل شارون ووزير الخارجية سيلفان شالوم ووزيرة التربية والتعليم ليمور ليفنات والعديد من أقطاب الدولة. كما حضر الحفل العشرات من الزعماء الأجانب الذين توافدوا على البلاد للإعراب عن تضامن بلدانهم مع ذكرى الكارثة إضافة إلى عدد من الناجين عن الكارثة وأبرزهم الكاتب اليهودي الحائز على جائزة نوبل للآداب إيلي فيزل.
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