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THE DEAL: How Treason Let the U.S. Troops into Baghdad
Walid RabbahSawt al-`Urouba, Lebanon,

One day after the start of the war against Iraq American Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appeared on American television screens to say something that the press interpreted as some sort of American propaganda. In reality, though, it was the basis for what was later to take place.

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Iraq Liberation Front Gets to Work
Walid Manaf, El-Osboa,

Day after day the Iraqi people's ability to resist the invaders becomes ever clearer. Martyrdom operations multiply. Furious demonstrations rejecting the American presence grow from one city to another.

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Arafat uses Libyan money from Khadafy to finance terrorism

Arafat uses Libyan money from Khadafy to finance terrorism against civilians
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Pro-War Cliches
Gary Sudborough,

An analysis of the illogical nature of the cliches used to justify US interventions and war crimes in other countries.
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Stop US Military Aid to Israel! (please sign petition)

Please sign and circulate.
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The Prisoner of Zion and the Secret of Bassam Abu Sharif
Mary La Rosa,

Columbus Circle~nyc Pro-Israel Day Parade: June 1 2003 The selective intelligence game works well with the collaboration of the existing mainstream media.

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Francisco Trindade,

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The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse within Human Society
The Seer of Forbidden Truth,

The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse
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Two U.S. Soldiers Killed by Iraqi Ambushes

An Iraqi celebrates the attack of a military truck convoy by hitting the destroyed vehicle with his sandal, Thursday, June 26, 2003 at the Youssefiyah area south of Baghdad, Iraq. A big truck hauler carrying a smaller vehicle was directly hit and caught fire and damaged another vehicle behind. According to an eyewitness, four U.S. soldiers were allegedly in the damaged truck. US military convoys and patrols are increasingly under attack following the war in Iraq. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das)

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Attackers Hit U.S. Targets as Iraqis Seethe
Nadim Ladki, Reuters,

An Iraqi man inspects the wreckage of a U.S. military tractor-trailer on the outskirts of Baghdad, June 26, 2003. An explosion destroyed the tractor-trailer which was carrying a smaller truck on a highway, witnesses said. Two soldiers were injured. (Faleh Kheiber/Reuters)

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New Explosion Hits Key Iraqi Oil Pipeline
Hassan Hafidh, Reuters,

Two Iraqis ride their motorbike past black smoke and flames along a pipeline near Barwanah, 250 kms northwest of Baghdad. The pipeline which links the northern city of Kirkuk with the Hadithah pumping station to the west and which supplied a refinery and a power plant in the capital, was partially destroyed in an explosion. (AFP/Marwan Naamani)

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Interview With Imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Saadat
Fight Back! - repost, D. Reilly,

PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Saadat A repost of the interview conducted by the US socialist online journal 'Fight Back!' with the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Ahmad Saadat, on May 20.
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The 9-11 Hoax, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank
Jonathan P. Chance,

Deception Dollars Scientific calculation shows that the amount of time and energy invested by nature to produce one gallon of petroleum converted into kilowatt-hours at the present commercial rates at which electricity is sold amounts to approximately $1 million per gallon....
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"Caped Crusaders" release biting satirical online ad series.

"Caped Crusaders" release biting satirical online ad series.


According to the authors of CampedMaskedandArmed.com "All the Television Commercials have somehow gotten mixed up. Now people are going to see things that make them very uncomfortable and not want to buy stuff. All that carefully crafted public relations work is ruined! This is quite a predicament. Must be those confounded caped crusaders at work again"

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Towards A New Arab Movement
Nasser Ali Khasawneh,

Most Arabs are presently caught between a rock and a hard place: the non-democratic governing regimes and the non-democratic extremist religious groups. So where do we go from here?
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Iberian anarchist comrades,

Prisioners charged with silly illusions - Expertise of international terrorism!
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Statement from the National Liberation Front of Iraq
National Front for the Liberation of Iraq.,

All that we seek is the backing of the one Arab people throughout the Arab homeland from Tangier to Doha. What is happening in plundered Palestine, in the south of the Sudan, and the dirty threats against some fraternal states, cannot be separated from the barbarous assault on Iraq. This is all one wound. This is one battle. This is against one enemy. And we must also take a stand in the trench of armed struggle as one people.
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Terrorist Dogs : A Simple Analogy

(A*nal"o*gy, n.; 1. Aresemblance of relations; an agreement or likenessbetween things in some circumstances or effects, whenthe things are otherwise entirely different. Thus,learning enlightens the mind, because it is to themind what light is to the eye, enabling it to discover things before hidden.)
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Rafah the cursed
Silvia Cattori,

"The reality is that the process of Apartheid they sat up and that consists in asphyxiating the whole population , is far more sophisticated and far more atrocious than what has been described to us until now"
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Huwaida Arraf Arrested at Huwara Checkpoint PleaseProtest
Mary La Rosa,

From Bad to Worse! ISM founder Huwaida Arraf was taken into custody at Huwara Checkpoint near Nablus today after she protested the abusive treatment Palestinians were receiving from Israeli forces
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