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The anti-war, anti-globalization assembly adopts a United-Nations

The anti-war anti-globalization movements are gathered in Beirut from September 17 to 19, 2004 with two main objectives: First, to broaden and strengthen the movement by debating and developing common perspectives, strategies and campaigns for the coming years. The second objective is to deepen existing links, and to develop new links, with anti-war and anti-globalization forces especially in the Arab world, which partly explains the decision to hold this assembly in Beirut, as claimed by the organizers.
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Objections to the Anti-War Anti-Globalization conference
activists from imc beirut,

This is a collection of arguments several grass root groups in Lebanon have repeatedly brought forward in meetings with the organizers prior to the conference. They are not a statement by one or several groups. Such a statement may follow once we find the time after the conference.

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The Anniversary of the Assassination of Folke Bernadotte af Wisb
Lest We Forget The Righteous Peacekeepers,

Count Folke Bernadotte, special UN Mediator to Mid East ...responsibile for saving 20,000 Jews from Himmler was assassinated this day, September 17 1948. The man directly responsible for his death, Nathan Friedman-Yellin was sentenced, pardoned after 5 months and was allowed to serve on Knesset

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Photo Essay Day 1

Opening session Photo essay of the first day of the Beirut International Assembly of Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movements.
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The Feeling of Existence
Reinarto Hadipriono,

What actually is it that makes an object “feel” the presence of the other object when the two of them collide? Would it be possible for that object to “feel” the presence of the other object, if it were unable to “feel” its own presence? By what means then does it “feel” the presence of others? Take, for instance, that you are one of those who don’t believe that man has “the feeling of existence.” The question now is: “How then do you come to have the feeling that you are ‘always present’ and that you are always at the present?” Obviously, the feeling meant here is one that has nothing to do at all with your sensory feelings and neither does it have anything to do at all with your emotional feelings.
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A welcome to Burma

Hello, i would like to welcome you to my regal and political homeland Burma, which is close emotionally to the Middle eastern cultures. It is a cool world and hope we can be brothers...
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"Legal" situation of non-Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
Al Yasari,

Although, Lebanon has joined international treaties and conventions related to preserving civil and political rights, it still rejects to sign the 1951 Geneva Convention concerning the refugees’ status. The Lebanese General Security department regulates the process of entry, stay and refuge of 'foreigners'. The law states that every person oppressed or politically persecuted and threatened by his/her life because of that reasons, can seek for political asylum in Lebanon, which might be given to him from an official committee in a decision that cannot be appealed.

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Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon Deported

on the bus Pictures from the deportation on September 15.
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Action Alert - Refugees
IMC Beirut,

Please send emails of protest to the UNHCR and the Lebanese government protesting the continuous deportation of Iraqi refugees and demanding an immediate halt to it. Please also include a demand to the Lebanese government to sign and ratify 1951 Geneva Convention on refugees' rights and put an end to the inhumane treatment of refugees and "illegal" immigrants in Lebanon.

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Pour la libération du camarade Georges Ibrahim Abdallah


Communiste libanais, militant de la cause palestinienne,
qui a terminé sa peine depuis 2003 en France

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Military Policy and the War in Iraq
Michael Badnarik,

Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Candidate for U.S President The War in Iraq is a failure, and the U.S. government should never have waged it. As your president, one of my first tasks will be to begin the orderly process of bringing our troops home as quickly as can safely be accomplished.

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Program for Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Assembly
Focus on the Global South,

Where Next for the Global Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movements?
An International Strategy Meeting
Beirut, Lebanon
September 17-19, 2004

Draft Programme


- Debate and agree a global plan of action to oppose US-led globalization, imperialism and militarism.

- Build a broad, international movement

- Build links between anti-war, anti-globalisation, Arab/Middle East movements and the rest of the international movement.

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Black September
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ph.D,

September brings back memories of atrocities ranging from 9/11/01, to the CIA's involvement in the coup that installed General Pinochet in Chile (9/11/73), and to the massacre of Sabra and Shatila on 9/15/82. These tragedies are demonstrably intertwined beyond the coincidences of date and that they claimed similar numbers of civilian victims.
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Criminal Entity Rules America, Kills Arabs, NTEU
Tamzah Erif,

War Never Ends, Brother Know Nature Know Victory, Two Fingers and A Thumb, us to America is under seige by the enemy of the Arab people. Much of their lower level army is housed in the National Treasury Employees Union and their 29 federal agencies, found at the link below.

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تعدد الزوجات... رسالة السيد الرئيس
فهد ناصر,

عندما صدر القانون الشنيع 137 خرجت منظمات نسوية وتظاهرت مطالبة بألغاءه بشكل فوري لانه تعدي صارخ على حقوق النساء في العراق ولا يتناسب وحجم الديمقراطية والحرية الموعودة في عراق ما بعد الدكتاتورية.كان اول الشخصيات النسوية التي وقفت ضد القرار اللاانساني المذكور(نسرين برواري) الوزيرة في الحكومة العراقية لان فرض الشريعة الاسلامية يعني انتهاك لحقوق النساء في العراق وتغييب سافر لارادة ملايين النساء ،لكن هذه الوزيرة التي هاجمت ذلك القرار هي الزوجة الثالثة للرئيس الان إإإفما الذي تغير واية رسالة تحملها نسرين برواري وزوجها الرئيس لنساء العراق ؟ لماذا وقفت ضد القرار 137 أذا كانت ستتزوج من رجل له زوجتين إإإ؟
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Art of War : 9/11

Google: Dancing Israelis 9/11
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رفض شعبي واسع في مدينة نيويورك للمؤتمر القو
ديغول العديلي,

رفض شعبي واسع في مدينة نيويورك للمؤتمر القومي للحزب الجمهوري الحاكم
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Ewa Jasiewicz is free!

Please find Below the statement of Ewa Jasiewicz after she got released from unlawful detention.

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Let Simona Pari and Simona Torretta go!

An Urgent Appeal for the Release the Italian and Iraqi
Aid Workers Abducted in Baghdad:

We are individuals and organizations from around the world who opposed and continue to oppose the occupation of Iraq and we plead for the release of two Italian and two Iraqi humanitarian workers who were abducted in Iraq September 7, 2004.

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Ariel Natan Pasko,

It focuses on several points of contention Israel has with Russia's foreign policy. Russia's take on the peace process-the Palestinians; Russia's support for the Iranian nuclear program; Russia's relationship with Syria and its occupation of Lebanon.
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