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Armed Forces and Black Flags: A Sit-in Against Death Penalty

Mohammed shublaq,

Today, at dawn, three humans were executed "in the name of the Lebanese people". They were accused of murder, however, they were murdered too! The execution orders were issued quickly; as a result, the reactions against the orders came rapidly.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

People's Revolt in Lebanon - [The Nation - from the January 8, 2007 issue]

FPF-fwd. Mohammed Bazzi,

HR comment: The Nation is a source of information we normally never quote. This is on the other hand a good piece of 'alibi journalism' for the editors of The Nation. Which will not help: we have a memory. It concerns the protest in Beirut, something which should happen as soon as is possible in all US junta colonies.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

People's Revolt in Lebanon: The Real 'Cedar Revolution'

The Nation,

In the West, several publications are attempting to cut through the tighly-controlled maintsream media's misrepersentation of the Lebanese People's struggle for self-determination.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Event Services Offfered For Battered Lebanese by Victims of American Holocaust

Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone,

Holy War Rhythym Section Seeks Payment for Service Below I have put the link and then the ad that was put on Craigslist Lebanon offering even services. If Hamas or the Taliban needs recruiters in the USA, we have a common enemy on American soil. They or IT is putting us through an American holocaust. The Holy War is now in the USA. Creator be with us.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

British Report on the Assassination of Pierre Gemayel


report's cover page An Arabic website, run by Syrian dissident journalist Nizar Nayouf, has exclusively published the cover page of a confidential report by the British embassy in Beirut, of which a copy was sent (or leaked) to someone in the NATO, on the assassination of Lebanese minister Pierre Gemayel. It suggests that the assassination, along with that of Samir Qassir, Gebran Twani and George Hawi earlier, were carried out by Lebanese militants affiliated with Druze leader Walid Junblat and Christian leader Samir Geagea, and not by the Syrian government or its Lebanese agents. Both groups, the reports further reveals, have been receiving military training by Ameriacn (and possibly Israeli) trainers in Jordan since November 2005. Furthermore, the report's sources think "the killers' motive" must be seen in light of an "agreement between the Sunni leader Sa'd Hariri and ex-president Amin Gemayel to nominate the latter's son, Pierre Gemayel, to succeed president Emil Lahoud next year. The report summarises that the crime was committed "mostly for regaining the initiative by the 14 March alliance and protecting PM Fouad Saniora's govermant from collapse."

See the full article in Arabic:

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Americans Volunteer For Hamas IN Lebanon and Syria, War Recruiter

Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone,

Recruitment Ad For Lebanon Freedom Fighters To Contact Outcast Americans In the posts below is a request for Hamas and other revolutionary groups to contact an American group who despises those same terrorists ripping the heart out of Lebanon. They or IT wants control of the Earth, let them fight to their death.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل



Please i want to remove this website


 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Advent Calendar Looks at Bethlehem Reality


Each day a window will appear on www.deedeehalleck.blogspot.com www.deedeehalleck.blogspot.com
Each day in December a new window is opened, showing not the romantic Bethlehem of the Austrian graphic, but photos from the occupation.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

military tactics


replacement nuklear device with tv---

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Nigeria: one Lebanese and 3 Italians kidnapped

FPF-fwd.: The Tide - Nigeria,

An unconfirmed report said three security men were killed and several others wounded when they tried to challenge the militants. The Tide sources also indicated that the militants extended their unholy act to the houses of some prominent citizens of the area by setting them ablaze.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Lebanon's REAL 'Cedar Revolution' Begins


Hezbollah and other forces not loyal to Western/Israeli Extremism, are currently staging a peaceful revolution of their own, refuting the media hype about the Western-supported "revolution" against Hezbollah and Syria.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Services offered in Russia, Also in Lebanon, USA Veterans Striking Back

Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone,

Los Angeles to Alabama to D.C., fit for killing I recently published a shore expose' and offer for creative services on Russian craigslist.com

I would like to offer my services here also. I have reposted the ad below.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Lebanon Versus the CIA’s 'Cedar Revolution'

Kurt Nimmo,

Those Lebanese that have been duped into supporting this minority "Cedar Revolution" must know that what they support was created outside their borders, and is run by the CIA/Mossad. What America promises might sound enticing, but America's promises are never what we are led to believe.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Murder in Lebanon

FPF-fwd. Arab News editorial,

''It thus very much suits both the Americans and Israelis to have the finger of blame for Gemayel’s slaying pointing at Syria. So, cutting out the global war propaganda: ''Who benefits most from this latest political assassination in Lebanon?''

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل



Don’t fall for the efforts to undermine the unity that exists between Christians and Muslims. Continue to unite against your common enemy… Zionism and Israel.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Christ Returns: Innocent American to be 'legally' murdered by death sentence

Johnny Wizard,

America!, defend Yourselves against these "lawless" pro-bush
false accusers who would murder an AMERICAN for their personal
contempt of your TRUE commitment to defend YOURSELF, man..

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

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