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The U.S. 'War of Territory'

Henk Ruyssenaars - Ex Africa correspondent,

Ethiopia's CIA-backed troops will be home from Somalia within weeks. Leaving it to some criminal Somali warlords as 'government'. Some of the CIA paid warlords are responsible for the U.S. defeat in 1993, dragging US marine's corpses through the streets of Mogadishu. And UN troops raping children.

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Brazilian Oil: Patriots and Treasonous ones...

Sergio Ferolla and Paulo Metri,

Patriots are the ones that fight in the party of Tiradentes, being the others, the followers of Joaquin Silvério dos Reis, who was a treasonous one to the "inconfidentes"*, allowing that Tiradentes was imprisoned, hanged and cut in pieces by the Portuguese.

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A.Khashoggi,GenesisIntermedia,Tim Mahoney,vFin,Venus Church,Islamic Usary

Tony Ryals,

'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus':
Venus Methodist Church reminds me of another penny stock fraudster,the Saudi-American arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi,who has connections to Florida as well by the way.It would not surprise to learn that he and or his worthless penny stock GenesisIntermedia based on no real business and a scammy or silly book titled,' Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus', by John Gray dumped his worthless GenesisIntermedia shares on defrauded investors through vFin in part as well ! That U.S. penny stock fraud alone cost investors and the economy well over $100,000,000,probably more.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

U.S. SEC corruption and vFin's Charles P Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award

Tony Ryals,

I believe Henry Gonzalez would be investigating Mr.Charlie P.Garcia and his colleagues' offshore 'trading activities'
in this post 911 era - NOT giving him awards ! Remember Iraqgate !

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Never trust anybody over thirty

Gore Vidal + Henk Ruyssenaars,

The comment concerns a very interesting and good article by american author Gore Vidal titled "I'm Jealous of Cuba": An Interview with Gore Vidal by Rosa Miriam Elizalde in "Counterpunch" and bylined Havana. An excellent article.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Russia won the SHELL game

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent,

Soon it will be announced that SHELL in Russia has made an energy 'deal' with Putin's government. But it is 'an offer they can't refuse'. SHELL lost this important geopolitical fight for energy resources and must surrender control over Sakhalin-2, the only foreign owned huge oil and gas fields in Siberia.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

The Rise and Fall of the US $ Reich

Henk Ruyssenaars + links,

Sources with a U.S. Delegation in Beijing have told The Hal Turner Show the Chinese government has informed visiting Bush Administration officials they intend to dump One TRILLION U.S. Dollars from China's Currency Reserves and convert those funds into Euros, gold and silver.*

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

military tacitcs


korea veit nam samallia and now iraq-----very flawed military tactics-----------------replacement nuklear device with tv

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Craigslist Political Forum Lebanon, Images Link Genetic Variant Human Outcast US

Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone,

This post is to point out who the genetic variant is in the USA. Protect your children. You can visit Mobile Audit Club for more pics on the Mobile Audit Club Band page when this Craigslist ad is deleted or expires.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل


Daniel Milan,

Mais qui gouverne la France?

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Mr. President Luís Inácio Lula Da Silva

Augusto César Revoredo.,

Brazilian entrepreneurs, workers and unemployeds, we need workmanships, projects and initiatives that multiply chances, wages, jobs and businesses, and this will not happen in desirable speed while the Union to spend, as in the year of 2006, 490 billion Reals **(U.S.$, 00) with a presumpted financing of the internal debt next to bankers

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Michel Dakar,

Bien la connaître pour mieux la combattre!...

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

James Dale Davidson,Endovasc,Charles Schwab,Tim Mahoney,VFIN, LOM,penny stock fr

Tony Ryals,

The far right wing James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc.,Baltimore, Maryland,newsmax.com and the National Taxpayers Union of Alexandria,Virginia, as well as Stanford University also profited from the Endovasc fraud and consequent boiler room and probable money laundering by Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.And both Tim Mahoney's VFIN and Charles Schwab's Charles Schwab profited from the fraud that was and still is Endovasc of Montgomery, Texas as they themselves document in SEC filings.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

military tactics


replacement nuklear device wtih tv--------------police k from east la-------happy days are here again-------about that eat the cement with your face trainng for the american police mr bush ------------ooooooooooooo-----happy days are here again hte skys above are blue again happy days are here agin------east la

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Borat: Hollywood's Nasty Talmud Fable

S ODonnell,

Movie Borat reflects some traditional Jewish stereotypes about goys

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Who Is Human, Who Is Killable? Do Not Waste Lives On Misfit Targets

Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone,

In noticing the attacks and suicide bombs, our people must realize that not all targets are as they seem. We have been conned and manipulated in war after war and look at us, we are still like dogs in the streets, including the powerless Americans of lower caste. Protect your children. Read todays

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

saving the world


. This truth becomes obvious and spreads exponentially- as fast as a consideration of patience and an acknowledged want of truth (divinity).

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Pope and Prince: The Real Global Warlords

Seamus Breathnach: www.irishcriminology.com,


Throughout history there has hardly been a century, a decade, or a year , in which the Vatican has not conspired to remake every country in Europe after its own interests. By re:make I mean in most cases, conquer, torture, put to the sword, and swear in their own man, their own Christian Militia, their own Christian bishops, judges, lawyers, etc... It is part of their so-called duties under canon law, their own fanatical duty -- not to God -- but to the Pope and the clergy to conduct themselves in this way.

By the way , theatre and the politics of the 'apology' is very much part of the same arsenal. Didn't Pope John 11 apologise for the Jews, the Cathars, the Fraticelli, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Witches, the.... yawn, yawn, yawn!

Seamus Breathnach

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

military tactics


replacement nukelear weapon tv set activation

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

military tactics ufo source


replacement of nuklear device with tv set------------------first boot camp history ancietnt times i knwow about--sparta---had an olympice effect upon the battle feild they discover hercules preditoryal force upon the plantit earth an his trajectory--if created iwiht boot camp--swords sheilds -----army----that sins bad--come out and sid bad-----notice sin bad has to come out and sid bad-----they found hte medsa sheild next used like mirror---crude form ancient tv---------next trogan horse cat-ilist---every told lies in order to keep battle plans secerts-----hidden myths----------the rainbow brige ancient vikins the huam wave of man foucused uopn one point ------stone-henge--same thing merlins the wizards magic ancient form crude tv called catilst---event excalibur-- rainbow bridge vikings battle plans confirmed-------created with the use of some catilist thundear-----of war------foucous point the thundar of war into one point the rainbow bridge

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Your Mother And Father. . .Were Terrorists.

Elijah Gatewood,

Islamic fighters battling most
evil force on Earth--the U.S.,
Great Britain and Russia, which is
all about what parents taught you:
Respect people.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

military tactics


replace nuke-lear bomb with tv--------------

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange

Tony Ryals,

Indeed Lord William Rees-Mogg we have a problem but it is the very corruption of both systems,London and American, that allow an elite to manipulate the markets,including the CIA in the case of its In-Q-Tel pump and dump stocks.That is a very important problem, not just who owns them.And a very good reason not to allow the U.S. CIA access to 'SWIFT' of Belgium financial records.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

UN rejects coercive measures against human rights violations

César Vallejo,

UNITED NATIONS (PL) —. The UN General Assembly this Tuesday, November 21 rejected the use of coercive measures as a tool for political or economic pressure against any nation for impeding the complete fulfillment of its citizens’ human rights.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Venezuela, Elections 2006: Anarchists Speak

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela,

From the Commision of Anarchist Relations (Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas) and its organ El Libertario, we disseminate three texts in which we publically express our perspective on the upcoming Venezuelan elections of December 3, 2006.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

أوقفوا المجزرة في أواكساكا! فلتسقط

Sergio Segarra,

لقد كان الهجوم الذي قادته حكومات فوكس، كالديرون، أوليسيس رويز، بواسطة الحرس المدني الذي كانت قواته تطلق الرصاص مثل القوات الشبه العسكرية مسببة مقتل أربعة أشخاص، من بينهم معلم ومصور صحفي أمريكي، وكذا جرح عدد كبير من الأشخاص، هو الخطوة الأولى في مسيرة القمع ضد الجماهير.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

"War" on Iraq in perspective: the developing US imperialism and demonocracy

Fazal Rahman,

The US-UK invasion and occupation of Iraq are examined within the historical context of US imperialism. The nature of US politico-economic system is identified as imperialism-democracy complex. Some general laws of the operation and effects of this complex are also proposed.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

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