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Russia won the SHELL game

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent,

Soon it will be announced that SHELL in Russia has made an energy 'deal' with Putin's government. But it is 'an offer they can't refuse'. SHELL lost this important geopolitical fight for energy resources and must surrender control over Sakhalin-2, the only foreign owned huge oil and gas fields in Siberia.

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Nigeria: one Lebanese and 3 Italians kidnapped

FPF-fwd.: The Tide - Nigeria,

An unconfirmed report said three security men were killed and several others wounded when they tried to challenge the militants. The Tide sources also indicated that the militants extended their unholy act to the houses of some prominent citizens of the area by setting them ablaze.

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Bush mocks Christians as a Bunch of Nuts

Gina Adorea,

Bush White House officials secretly mocked evangelical leaders and their trailer trash followers

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Global suicide?

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent,

The radioactive fall-out of nuclear weapons tested for the past six decades is slowly killing all living beings. But that includes the warmongers and their Dr. Strangeloves too. Are we slowly killed by a group of crazies digging their own graves and also 'suiciding' us? What's up? Collective Hara Kiri?

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Prof Wangari Maathai as ambassador for NUFF Global

Hermann Greuel,

NUFF Global logo Green Belt Movement and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof Wangari Maathai supports the international youth cinema film idea and film competition on climate change NUFF Global as an ambassador.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Make a movie that matters

NUFF Global,

NUFF Global is a worldwide call for young filmmakers everywhere to submit film ideas on Climate Change. An international committee of film and environmental specialists has already been assembled, and will the top ideas approx. 5,000 US dollars each in production funds. Completed films will be screened at NUFF 2007 (www.nuff.no). For detailed information please check www.nuffglobal.net.

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Diabetes Epidemic in Europe


Global Diabetes Charts US Radiation Wars Thought To Be Cause

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by Leuren Moret

(Please make a translation from English and post to this site)

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écoles sûres

Ashami Balinski,

Global Warming spells disaster for much of the multibillion-dollar wine industry. What next?

Children and farmers devastated, Food Security at risk.

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arrêtez le massacre des bébés

Nancy Goodmann,

George Bush is allowing the testing of Dangerous Chemicals and Drugs on Orphans and innocent Children worldwide.

Stop the cruel Atrocities on Defenseless children.

Just say NO to the Bush Gestapo.

 اقرأ الخبر الكامل

Lebanon: Spill of 10,000 tons of fuel oil into the Mediterranean Sea

Indymedia Beirut,

Map of the oil spill At least 10,000 tons of heavy fuel oil have been spilled into the Lebanese sea, causing an environmental catastrophe with severe effects on health, biodiversity and tourism, environmentalists and the Environment Ministry said Wednesday. 15,000 tons are expected to leak into the Mediterranean from another tank that is still burning. Two weeks ago, Israeli bombs targeted the Jiyye power station, located on the coast 30 kilometers south of Beirut. Part of the oil in storage tanks has been burning ever since and the other part is leaking into the Mediterranean.

"The pollution has affected around 70 to 80 kilometers of both public and private rocky and sandy beaches from Damour, south of Beirut, through to Chekka in the North," Berge Hadjian, the Environment Ministry's director general said Wednesday. Another 15,000 tons of oil are expected to leak into the sea, he added. The expected 15,000 tons are from a 25,000-ton burning tank that has burned away 10,000 already.

The ministry has issued a report that included a warning for the citizens to stay away from polluted sites along the coast.

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