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U.S. Falcifies Saddam's Last Letter.

from Elijah Gatewood -

Why U.S. media and Government officials
got hold of last message by kidnapped
Iraqi President to the public, and put
their own words in his writing.

Reporting from Washington.

Over and over again, I mention that,
what goes on in Iraq also happens in
Lebanon. By the United States and
her allies, ofcourse. Because it also
happens in Washington, D.C., the
nation's capital of the United States.
In America, government officials say
that citizens have constitutional
rights. But that is not so. Everyday,
lives and money are stolen by these
officials. So if they say this, but do
the opposite, then what happened in
Iraq is three times as worse.

The last as well as most recent letter
to the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein
is not factual, because it was released
through a website that the United
States does not want to make public.
Interesting enough, the same Iraqi
President who refused to step down in
2003, and which led to military action
by the United States, is now asking
fellow Iraqi's "not to hate" the
creaters of that war. This is nothing
mnore than a concerted effort by the
United States to gain support for the
war in Iraq, that continues to drag on.
All of this does not look good in the
favor of America. For what began as a
crusdade against "weapons of mass
destruction" and terrorism, is nothing
more than a cover-up to steal materials
and lives from not only Iraqi people,but
Muslims and people everywhere. People in
Lebanon must not just be concerned with
goes on in Beirut or Lebanon as a whole,
but the entire region of the Middle East.
Beirut will be a great nation when it aids
their fellow Iraqi's at this crucial time.
Citizens of Lebanon must likewise come
to the urgent rescue of the kidnapped
Iraqi President, for he is a Muslim.
And if he dies, there must be eternal
revenge for that death.

There is no such thing as a Sunni or Shia
Muslim. A Muslim is a Muslim.

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