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Middle East Must Stand Together On Iraq.

from Elijah Gatewood -

Reasons Iran and Syria, and all
Muslims, must ignor U.S. and
British cries to stop civil war
in Iraq.

Reporting from Washington.

It is official, the United States Government
officials have stated that they are losing
the war in Iraq. And they must lose. Islam
are laws that govern Iraq. Democracy allows
mistakes, while at the same time creating
chaos. American officials have sought a
diplomatic solution to the crises, but it is
only a diversian to temporarily stop war
operations. Throughout it's entire history,
the United States has been a war making
country. Therefore, Muslims must not accept
anything, not even candy, from the U.S.
military or money from the U.S., British
Government or even private businesses. They
are tricks to further evil policies in the
Middle East.

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