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تصريحي كتائب شهداء الأقصى والنائب قدورة قارس

from انديميديا بيروت - 06.12.2005 09:37

بيان صادر عن كتائب شهداء الأقصى /فلسطين

بيان النائب قدورة فارس، فلسطين

علّق على المقال

الحريه للاسري

اطالب السلطه بمناشدة اسرائيل بالا فراج العاجل عن الاسري في السجون

The Wall of Hell extends to USA and Beyond
Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone--Communicator

We are a nation of silent death in the USA. Federal government employee Banking regulators and examiners being killed. Something is wrong my Arab and Jewish friends.

One dog pitted against another for an eternity leaves one sleeping in a bed of blood and fleas.

Know the cause of your ills, and look upward at my bio-engineered space paradise, my dream.

In this picture, the master of yesterday is going to beat the buttocks of a subjugate. They still try to do it today. The technology is extreme now and we are in a worldwide conflict.

I have seen some Palestinians who knew me and smiled, here in the USA. Perhaps Allah walks among the living also, let's hope so.

Mobile Audit Club has videos of abuse, music, and messages but only a few. The others are beyond, in my dreams, hopes, and your visions.


I want off of this planet. You can keep your X mark as your bloody holy land. I want comfort next to my diety, out of this flesh, and away from your bloodied cow pasture.

eMail: USA, a nation of silent internal conflict, death URL: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/democracyordeath/index.html