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Statement of Qadura Fares - PA

from - 06.12.2005 01:43

The Palestinian National Authority
The National Committee to Resist the Wall
and Settlement
Office of the Coordinator of the Committee
Ramallah, Palestine

November 30, 2005


From Palestine we call upon you to release the four from the Christian Peacemaker Teams who were kidnapped from Baghdad. This is an organization that has helped and continues to help our people living under Israeli occupation in the city of Hebron and in other regions throughout our occupied homeland. They expose themselves to danger in order to provide protection to our women and children in front of Israeli military checkpoints.

We urge you in the name of humanity and in the name of all peoples that have tasted bitter wars, violence and occupation… we urge you to release Tom Fox (American citizenship), Norman Kember (British citizenship), James Loney and Hermeet Sooden (Canadian citizenship), all of whom insisted on helping our family in Iraq and living with our Iraqi brothers and sisters through the war and destruction, believing in the message that every human being has the right to live in freedom and with dignity and that occupation is wrong and must end.

We have faith that you will find that this group is among those working for peace and against occupation and that you will release them immediately, god willing.

Coordinator of the National Committee to Resist the Wall
Qadura Fares

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