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from IMC Beirut - 23.08.2005 00:00

The Independent Media Center of Beirut will be holding a fundraising concert at our newly set-up organizing and media space in Beirut with David Rovics, a well- known and traveled folk singer. David’s music is known throughout the world by those who love the art of using song to voice political and social dissent. David's recent albums including "Songs for Mahmud" & "Return", focus heavily on the Palestinian liberation struggle. He has shared the stage with many internationally recognized activists and performers like Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and Ward Churchill....

----> For more information about David, visit www.davidrovics.com

Songs of Resistance!
Songs of Resistance!

This benefit concert of the Beirut Independent Media Center, will take place on Monday September 5th at Nadi al-Liqa'a, Cultural Center, in Clemenceau. Doors open at 7:30pm and the concert is FREE, however donations are encouraged. Through this concert Beirut IMC aims to build awareness about its ongoing work to contribute to an independent media movement in Lebanon and throughout the region. People are strongly encouraged to attend and show their support for Beirut IMC. The finances raised at the concert will go toward the purchase of materials for the newly set-up Beirut IMC location.

Click here to download the concert bilingual PDF poster.

To view photos of IMC Beirut’s new location visit: http://gallery.cmaq.net/imc-beirut

[Directions: Clemenceau District - 'Ayn El Mraysseh - Jumblat Area - Omar Daouk Street Next to Impact/BBDO Building - facing Walid Jumblat's palace]

Homepage: http://beirut.indymedia.org

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