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Gaza "Withdrawal" a Smoke-Screen for Military Occupation

from IMC Beirut - 19.08.2005 19:17

As the world's attention is turned toward the Israeli withdrawal of illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip, a harsh, deadly and brutal military occupation continues throughout Palestine. While the future of the border crossings of the Gaza Strip, to Egypt and to other regions of occupied Palestine remains unclear, as Israel has refused to negotiate on these key issues, which will define if Gaza will remain a large, social and economically isolated prison.

Palestinians protest Gaza smokescreen
Palestinians protest Gaza smokescreen

Also in the context of withdrawal from Gaza, Israeli settlers have severally escalated their attacks against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. This past week three Palestinians were killed by an Israeli settler in the West Bank, who used weaponry belonging to the Israeli military.

Throughout the West Bank, Israeli military occupation continues, settlement expansion continues and the construction of the internationally condemned Apartheid Wall is ongoing. The Palestinian struggle against occupation and for liberation also continues on a daily basis. Throughout the summer of 2005 demonstrations and direct actions against military occupation and the Apartheid Wall have taken place on a daily basis , as Palestinians struggle for basic survival.

All Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip and West Bank , like the ongoing construction of the Apartheid Wall is internationally recognized as illegal, confirmed by a 2004 ruling from the International Court of Justice , which was then adopted by a majority vote in the United Nations General Assembly .

While throughout the world Palestinian refugees continue to demand their right of return to occupied Palestine, from which they were displaced through the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. In Lebanon hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugee continue to live in extreme poverty in refugee camps scattered throughout the country.

----> For more information and background on the Gaza Withdrawal visit the Electronic Intifada

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Israeli refusniks growing stronger every day
olive branch

The Israeli refusniks are soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces who for ethical reasons refuse to serve in the Occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Their stance for ethics and humanity results in discrimination and jail time from the apartheid Israeli government..

"Activists like Laura need our support. Matan reaffirmed the importance of simply receiving a letter, “Jail is an incredibly lonely place. Just to know that there are people hundreds of miles away who know about what you’ve done – it makes it bearable”,

What of the future of the refusenik movement, and hopes for wider change in Israeli society? The High School group isn’t really operational anymore. Matan believes that sending 5 people to prison was a pretty smart move. “Just as many people, actually more, are still dropping out of the army, but in semi-legal ways now – psychological discharge and so forth”.

But that doesn’t mean it’s had no effect. Of course refusal at current rates will have no physical impact, but the psychological effect is different. “Everyone who knows a refusenik questions their own automatic response to joining the army”. In addition people have stopped cooperating more generally, for example giving information to the army. And a range of support groups have been set up."

article continued at;


When people realize that their government is no longer operating in the best interest of their fellow countrymen, enlistment to the military drops. Israeli incursions into Palestinian territories are obvious violations of human rights that even young Israeli teenagers are aware of. The growing number of psychological discharges are also refusniks, yet aren't counted as such..

The orders to commmit unbearable brutality against Palestinians is daily forced upon IDF soldiers and would likely result in psychological disturbed discharge over time. Having this knowledge beforehand could also effect the psychological well being of potential recruits. No young person in Israel, USA or elsewhere needs to commit human rights violations and genocide in the name of their corrupt government..

You have the right to refuse!!

Misha Hadar's refusal letter written to Israeli Minister of Defense;


"My name is Misha Hadar, I am 19 years old (11.12.1985), and I live in Ramat Hasharon. I am writing to you to ask you to use your authority, as per section 36 of the law of security service (meshulav version) 1986, to release me from military service and to enable me to do alternative civilian service. Below are my reasons."


"Two of my grandparents were Holocaust survivors: my mother's late father and her mother. I remember stories my grandfather told me when I was little – initially, when I was really young, they were adventure stories about his escape. Then, when I grew up a bit, there were stories about the role of the Nazis in his personal history, and finally there was the story of his whole family, most of whom were murdered with only him and his brother managing to flee. My grandmother told me less – only when I started asking her questions once I understood there was more to my grandad's adventure stories. As time passes I still discover parts of this history that I didn’t know before.

I heard about ghettos, about soldiers harassing human beings. These ghettos were not built by the Nazi leadership itself, not by the ideologues of the party. It was the simple soldiers who did the job, who obeyed the orders. And similarly, the soldiers who committed the actual cruelties were not necessarily racists or anti-semites. They were soldiers who had learned to regard human life as something dispensable, soldiers who emerged from a state whose moral principles had lost grip. When I stood in Abu Dis I could not but think of the ghettos my grandfather used to tell me about, and when I traveled by the new highway number 6, past Qalqilya, I had to think of them again.

When I hear eyewitness accounts from soldiers, friends, Palestinians, about the behaviour of Israeli soldiers on the checkpoints, and in the occupied territories on the whole, I can see the same source of this evil – which has long exceeded "singular cases" – in a society in which human life has become cheap – even the lives of that society's own young people. These are lives that are dispensable, young people whose bodies and lives may be requisitioned "for the sake of the nation", a society whose moral awareness has slackened. It is only in such a society that the things that are now happening in Israel and the occupied territories can happen."


"It is because of all this that I ask you to release me from my duty to serve in the Israeli army and to enable me to do alternative civilian service, which I regard as a true contribution to the society of which I am a member. If my request is rejected then I shall be obliged to refuse military service and conscription."

Misha Hadar"

Thanks For Information On Smoke Screen
Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

I am not surprised that a propaganda campaign to appease dissenters in America is ongoing. We are abused by ignorant warlords in America who I have videos of in their violations of our "Open Government Meetings Laws". I do not have the videos of the incarceration and injections and many other horrors including prolonged exile from my family after an assassination attempt by members of the banking regulatory mafia of the federal government of the United States.

I was a bank examiner turned informant, against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Their entire regime and government is a lie. We must unite in defiance on a new level. They do not care about us and beat us as if they are not human and neither are we.

How much good it does to take tires, burn them, and make pictures of it is questionable. We need a central nation to oppose the international warlords. One that is free from their tentacles always reaching for entrails. Where is that place? A place can be arranged, but at what cost? We are both strangled economically by their design, or its design.

Mobile Audit Club, thinking out loud


The Mujihadeen remind me of the American Patriots who fought off the British. Now the Iraqis fight off descendants of American patriots, or maybe just mercenaries sent by an international warlord who controls the United States and now wants Iraq and perhaps Palestine and ?.

URL: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/democracyordeath/index.html

The Israeli smokescreen
Workers Unite

Go to the following website
]and click onto page 3

to hear an interview withacclaimed professor Norman Finkelstein on his hard-hitting new book, Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, in which he confronts the contrived controversy of anti-Semitism and the misrepresentation or falsification of facts on the ground to suit Israeli and Zionist policy; and the Knight Report.

this website also contains other programs dealing with the palestinian issues.

This other website

also conatains good links to programs and information

eMail: workersunite1017@hotmail.com URL: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/workersunite726

Additioonal websites
workers unite

The above is alink to the last interview with Farouk Abdel Muhti who died right after this interview on July 21, 2004. He was imprissioned and held without charges for over 2 years in the US. He was imprisioned because he dared to speak out for the Palestinian struggle, and the plight against the zionist occupation of the Palestinian people.

eMail: workersunite1017@hotmail.com URL: http://www.democracynow.org/static/farouk.shtml

another website

Here is another website that discusses the Palestinian issues and the history of Zionism.


Also my website has some good links as well, and you can find this link on my resist page as well, under the Taking Aim link.

eMail: workersunite1017@hotmail.com URL: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/workersunite726

Link to interview with Farouk Abdel Muhti
workers unite

I am giving the link again for the Farouk Abdel Muhyi interview as well as the page for other links about this brave freedom fighter. You will find these at the bottom of this website page

URL: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/workersunite726

correction to e-mail address
workers unite

There was a mistake made about my e-mail address on one of my messages. The below is the correct address. Also my website has another e-mail address which I do not use right now, so just use the one below for comments.

eMail: workersunite1017@hotmail.com URL: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/workersunite726

Program about zionism
workers unite

This is the day of the program at the kpfa website. It is no longer on page 3. You have to look for it by the date.

There are also other programs of interest at that website as well as the flashpoints website.

Monday, October 3rd

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We spend the hour with acclaimed professor Norman Finkelstein on his hard-hitting new book, Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, in which he confronts the contrived controversy of anti-Semitism and the misrepresentation or falsification of facts on the ground to suit Israeli and Zionist policy; and the Knight Report.



eMail: workersunite1017@hotmail.com URL: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/workersunite726