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Lebanon / Syria: Border Closures

from Indymedia Beirut - 01.08.2005 11:37

Syria has closed its borders to Lebanese economic traffic dealing a serious blow to Lebanon's fragile economy. The Syrian government has justified the border shutdown in the name of security for the region, while the government in Lebanon has pointed to the border shutdown as an economic attack from its neighbor, in retaliation for the forced withdrawal of 15 000 Syrian troops from Lebanon in April 2005.

A portion of the hundreds of trucks lined at the Masnaa border.
A portion of the hundreds of trucks lined at the Masnaa border.

Closure of the Syrian border shuts down the transportation of goods for sale in markets throughout the entire region, which is a central aspect to the Lebanese economy. As Lebanon's remains in conflict with bordering Israel to the south, all other land borders are with Syria. The closure also hits Lebanon's agricultural and industrial sectors, which form important parts to the national economy. The Union of Farmers in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, estimate that the border closure has cost the agricultural industry "millions".

In the midst of political disputes on the border crisis, between politicians in Beirut and Damascus, are thousands of drivers of both Syrian and Lebanese nationality. They have been stranded in the border regions for weeks, sleeping under the transport vehicles on the highways.

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Manipulations to Create a Caste State System
Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

One must ask, "Who does this blockade benefit in Syria?" "What is their main objective?"

I hope the Lebanese people and Syria work out their differences, as they are being pitted against each other on purpose.

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