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Petition: Justice for the Memory of Samir Kassir

from IMC BEIRUT - 03.06.2005 15:55

Please print out and sign this petition. We will deliver them Monday June 6 to Baabda Presidency Palace. You can sign the online version of the petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/SKassir/petition.html

Please spread that as much as you can


Justice for the memory of Samir Kassir

In Lebanon, like all countries, the media is not only the voice of the people, but also the true, though undeclared, representative of the people’s will. The act of state terrorism which assassinated journalist and historian Samir Kassir was not only a threat against all those who speak their beliefs, but an attempt to crush our civil society.

We, the undersigned:

• Reject and defy the assassination of Samir Kassir and refused to be silenced:

• Reject and defy this attempt to return Lebanon to a muzzled police state, one in which journalists are killed for publishing their beliefs.

• Demand the safety of all those who work in the media, and hold this right sacrosanct.

• Demand the immediate resignation of Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and all affiliates and proponents of the police state

• Demand an end to the violent reign of police and security apparatuses

• Demand a full international investigation into this act of state terrorism

• Demand the full independence of the media

علّق على المقال

Focus on the content of his life-Work.

the most couragous individuals are always "taken out" by cowards.
they alert us and keep us informed when the cowards rather we be in the dark.
lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness, they continually empower us with knowledge as knowledge is power and liberation.


is it possible that this journalist was assasinated by undercover personell from Israel who wired that vehicle w/ explosives later to detonate it using a cellular phone...

Pssible motive:

he vocally opposed the syrian occupation of his homeland.
he was a proponent of the syrian evacuation from lebanon.

by killing him this is a possible gain.

the occupation of lebanon by syria grabs headlines.
the lack of free expression by the press is also discussed and syria looks like a rouge dictatorship while the Israeli regime pretends to be
abeacon of democracy.

Censorship on IMC Beirut

Why did IMC Beirut remove comments that critisize them?
Is it because they don't want anyone to know that they have the same line as the US Administration and the FBI?


its plain 2 see that the culprits are not whome they claim to be.
for obvious reasons
they opt to keep their identities to themselves and allow others to take credit for their miscief..
their sub-humanity is plain for all to see and it shoiuld be kept in mind.