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The farce of the "killing" of Sheikh Yassin Ahmed

from Tom Young - 22.03.2004 19:33

The killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is widely supposed to be adding fuel onto the already burning fire. While that may be true it is clear from BBC photos that there is more to this story than meets the eye. It appears that the assasination site itself is little more than a clumsy fake raising doubts as to the veracity of the whole story. Further discussed is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in keeping the unproductive conflicts burning and their people backward and repressed.

Sheikh Yassin with normal upmarket wheelchair, shoes and head covering
Sheikh Yassin with normal upmarket wheelchair, shoes and head covering

Notice a very basic model compared with the usual wheelchair used by the good cl
Notice a very basic model compared with the usual wheelchair used by the good cl

Here we can admire the head scarf, a classic red and white patterned number, unl
Here we can admire the head scarf, a classic red and white patterned number, unl

While there is little doubt that the purported killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has raised emotions to a high pitch in the Occupied Territories. Examining the news coverage reveals grave doubts as to whether any such killing has taken place, raising concerns that there is collusion between the leaders of both sides of the conflict to artificially prolong the agony of both the Jewish and Palestinian people.

Firstly some amazement has to be expressed at how the Israeli airforce could so accurately be able to determine when the Sheikh would be leaving the Mosque so as to swop in for their pinpoint attack. However examining the pictures shown on the BBC of the site of the attack and comparing them to archive pictures of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin there appears little doubt the attack site has been comprehensively staged and is not genuine. This raises the strong possibility that the Sheikh has not been killed at all, but has simply "retired" and in a fashion designed to inflame emotions and violence in the worst possible way.

The photos that I discuss can be found here
But have also been uploaded to this site.

In the archive photo in the Taipei Times Sheikh Yassin can be seen in an upmarket, modern model of wheelchair, with polished black business shoes and trademark white head scarf. However, viewing the series of 7 pictures of the "killing" scene on the BBC website a very different picture emerges.

Firstly despite claims that strike was by a missile there appears to be absolutely no damage, blast or incendiary marks on the surronding concrete to show the explosion of a missile. A largish blood stain is shown, but nothing to indicate the presence or absence of the two people supposedly killed by the side of the cleric. However when one examines the wheelchair the whole scene becomes ridiculous, apparantly the good Sheikh knowing he was going to be topped took his oldest and most broken down wheelchair (missing even the spokes), but despite being attacked by a missile blast, it did not even manage to rip the basic fabric backing - hey why waste a good wheelchair? When attending the mosque the Sheikh Yassin apparantly wears (before removing them of course) a tatty pair of cotton basketball shoes that most teenagers would disdain. And the question why were the shoes were left behind at the scene at all!! Clearly they have not been blasted off, as they are neither blood stained or damaged, the only real conclusion is they have been planted for media circus. Finally to complete the scene, whatever lunatics stage managed this farce, added a trade mark arab head covering, but chose a more stereotypical red and white check pattern, rather than Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's invariable choice of pure white. Ah well we all make mistakes.

Such is the poor stage managing of the scene their is little doubt to my mind that the "killing" of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is little more than a farce to conceal the fact of the cleric moving out of public life. A farce that is colluded by army, politicians and police on both sides, but a farce that is likely to see a deepening of the Middle Eastern tragedy.

It is worth noting that Sheikh Yassin was a member of the organisation known as the Muslim Brotherhood, that amongst other activities have been involved in the assassination of President Nasser, the attempted killing of President Assad of Syria, the formation of Hamas, and also providing the 2nd in command and cofounder of Al-Quaeda. In otherwords wherever the Muslim Brotherhood has gone they have acted in a ways that have been to the complete detriment of the muslim people and have rather served to promote backwardness and domination of Western countries in the area. The final act in the "life" of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin full fit with that tradition.

Finally, the last time a prominent Palestinian was "killed" in the lead up to September 11 2001, Abu Ali Mustafa , it was followed soon afterwards by the "killing" of the Israeli Tourism Minister. Questions still remain how this target could have had his security breached so easily, leading to the conclusion that dead or not, this was an authorised tit-for-tat slaying. One wonders if history will repeat itself in a similar manner.

Until Palestinians and Israelis realise that the conflict is not between Jews and Muslims but rather the elites on both sides in collusion carrying out violence on their own people this sorry tragedy will continue.

One can only guess at what the bloody conclusion to this drama will be.

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